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This golfer’s very strange golf swing is actually quite good

April 24, 2019

I love the golf swing. Everything about it. The little nuances of it. The way the body can move during it. The different variations within it. It’s always the most fun to see how golfers figure it out on their own. For an example of that, look no further than the man below.

The most noticeable thing about his setup position is his split-handed grip. I suspect this golfer probably played hockey at some point.

His stance is also extremely closed and pointed to the right of the target line. The two things, combined, are why his left hand is so far ahead of his right hand, and the club face is pointed towards the target line, rather than the target itself.

But for as unusual as the setup looks, he actually sets the club in an ideal position — parallel to his foot line.

And check out that clubface! Relative to his footline, it’s nicely square.

As he comes into impact, he delivers the club beautifully. The lower body fires, the clubface is square to where his feet are pointing, and his weight has shifted forward.

And once again, his release looks pretty darn solid.

The result? Hard to see, the ball definitely gets up in the air and sounded relatively solid, and looking at this, I suspect he hits a big draw. The lesson? Not to copy this exact motion, but to always remember that no two swings are the same. Find what works for you.