Top teacher says these moves are the secret to bombing it like a pro

GOLF Top 100 Teacher Cameron McCormick reveals the power moves that the pros use that can help increase your driving distance

Cameron McCormick says these power moves separate the pros from amateurs.

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If there’s one thing every golfer is obsessed with, it’s driving distance — and with good reason.

There’s just something special about hitting a pure tee shot right on the sweet spot, watching it launch into the air with a perfect ballflight. It’s even better when you see it land smack dab in the middle of the fairway, knowing you’ve just impressed your playing partners.

This common error is costing you crucial driving distance
By: Tina Tombs, Top 100 Teacher , Nick Dimengo

Of course, consistently bombing your drives is no easy task. I mean, if we all knew how to hit it 300+ yards, the game of golf would be much easier.

While it may be difficult to experience massive gains in driving distance, achieving more yardage off the tee is achievable. And thanks to GOLF Top 100 Teacher Cameron McCormick, you can learn the necessary moves in order to generate more power and bomb it like the pros — just take a look below.

Use these power moves to increase your driving distance

In the video above, McCormick explains how the driver is a “different tool [with a] different job” — which is to get as much distance as possible by maximizing the club’s engineering.

So how can an amateur do this without completely rebuilding their current swing? By retooling their swing with some simple moves that the pros use.

“There are adjustments that we need to make both at address and, more importantly, during the swing,” adds McCormick.

“You’ll see it from touring professionals, when they’re hitting an iron, their body will be to the left, and the handle will be leading. But the opposite is true when they’re hitting the driver.”

This drill improves golf swing balance, helping you launch drives farther
By: Nick Dimengo

The video then uses images to demonstrate McCormick’s tips, showing how pros create a side tilt with their upper body, back toward the trail side. He then shares the steps to do this effectively as you setup with your driver.

“The way they achieve that is they build in some of the likelihood at address by widening their stance, moving their ball forward, and increasing right side [or trail side] bend at address,” he says.

“In addition to that, midpoint in the downswing, they’re actually pushing down with their [front] foot into the ground. It extends their leg and tips their upper body into an even increased side bend, allowing them to optimize angle of attack and hit bombs.”

By incorporating these subtle moves into both your address and your swing, you’ll make the appropriate contact you need in order to see further driver distance.

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