This drill improves golf swing balance, helping you launch drives farther

Just when you think you’ve done everything right with your shot, you realize your golf swing balance was off through your follow through, costing you both distance and accuracy.

While many of us may still end up with a decent result, having poor balance into your follow through can be a major issue if not corrected.

Since every golfer wants to hit it as pure as possible right on the sweet spot of the club, GOLF Top 100 Teacher Dana Dahlquist offers up an easy drill to use in order to restore balance — golf swing balance!

In the video above, Dahlquist shares common issues that he sees with many amateurs, with many not finishing strong on their left side (for right-handed players).

“A lot of players at home struggle getting, not only to their left side, but let alone holding their finish,” he says.

This is where he suggests a reminder to correct the problem, helping finish with Tour-level golf swing balance.

Drill Skills: How using a towel can help you improve your balance throughout your swing
By: Joe Plecker, Top 100 Teacher

“As I go into my follow through, my hips are underneath me and my knees are together,” he says. “I want you to feel like you’re grabbing a newspaper between your legs and keeping your hips up.”

Dahlquist doubles down, reminding players that he doesn’t want to see the knees drooping on one side or the hips slouching towards the ground.

“I want your knees to come together and your hips to be up,” he says. “This will train you into having balance in your follow through. That supports the speed you’re going to use when hitting the big dog [driver].”

When you’ve got the proper swing balance, you’ll be more likely to hit shots flush, which will lead to the ball traveling farther.

This is why a player like Justin Thomas — who isn’t physically imposing — is capable of hitting his ball so far. It’s because of his swing balance, understanding that a solid, athletic posture is the key to striking the golf ball.

So take Dahlquist’s tip and start building up your muscle memory. Once you become comfortable with where you’re supposed to finish each swing, you can apply it to your game and start seeing improved scores.

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