How altering your stance can increase your swing speed

March 31, 2020

Mark Blackburn is one of our GOLF Top 100 Teachers and the swing coach to a number of PGA Tour players, including Chez Reavie, who he helped back into the winner’s circle last season.

Blackburn works at the forefront of golf instruction and the latest technology, which he uses from his home base at Greystone C.C. in Birmingham, Ala., and recently, he’s been giving us a peak behind the curtain with a new series on his Instagram account called “Force Fridays.”

Fair warning: The information can get really intense, really quickly, but there’s gold buried within. Last week’s was especially interesting, when Mark described how widening your stance can actually help create swing speed.

Why Widening Your Stance Can Help You Swing Faster

Watch the full video below to hear Mark explain in his own words, but in a nutshell: A wider stance can help you torque the ground more and increase your angular velocity, and therefore your clubhead speed.

But be careful not to make your stance too wide, which can hurt your swing speed, Mark says. In the video below, Mark increased his speed by widening his stance from 14 inches to 21.5 inches. To find your best stance width, Blackburn recommends taking this information to the range and, along with a launch monitor, tinkering out with different stance widths to see which results in a higher clubhead speed.

Watch the full video below and give him the follow on Instagram.

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