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Top 100 Teacher: Here’s how to use a towel to increase your swing speed

August 26, 2019

The instruction industry is chock full of technology to help you identify and fix mistakes in your swing. If you lack access to these tools, a bath towel and some duct tape can also do the trick. Used correctly, they can also boost speed and improve every segment of your motion. Here’s how.

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Roll up the towel and bind the ends with the duct tape as shown (the tape also gives the towel some weight). Drape the towel around your neck. Grab the end closest to your trail shoulder, make your backswing and hold (left). This presets you in the ideal top position.

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Step 2

As you begin your downswing, rotate your lower body while keeping the towel draped over your shoulders. Continue to turn until the force of your rotation causes the towel to play catch-up and whip through right in front of you (photo, above). You’ll know if your sequence is off if the towel fails to have any “whip.” Check that you’re not pulling the towel off your back too quickly or letting it dump down toward the ball (a common fault for players who cast the club). After a few swings, you’ll find the right action—and feel the whip!