This slice drill is a fun way to make better contact and hit straighter shots

GOLF Top 100 Teacher Erika Larkin shares two different drills that will help correct your golf slice and lead to straighter shots

Have a case of the slices? Try these 2 at-home drills to correct the issue.


I’ve been playing golf for nearly 28 years now and, sadly, I still have quite the bad habit of slicing my shots. And it’s not just off the tee with my driver, but with pretty much all of the clubs in my bag (including my putter, if you can believe that!).

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By: Nick Dimengo

As a mid-handicapper, the issue I have with my slice is probably relatable to many of you out there. What makes it even more frustrating is that, just when I think I’ve corrected the problem, I fall back into bad habits and find my ball moving from left to right.

While there are plenty of drills out there to help cure your golf slice, the simplest ones are always at-home drills — in my opinion anyway.

So to help you practice the basic fundamentals of the golf swing — thus fixing your golf slice — GOLF Top 100 Teacher Erika Larkin provides a couple of fun and easy tips in the video below. Check them out and start to see straighter, farther shots in no time!

Fix your golf slice with this easy at-home drill

While there are a few different issues that can cause a golf slice, the most common is improper hand position at impact — which can open the clubface and lead to a poor result.

Sure, you can play around with a new grip or alignment, but Larkin suggests simply trying to master the necessary feel in order to hit the ball straighter.

“You probably come into impact with your trail hand pointed out,” says Larkin. “Instead, try to square up your trail hand palm to your target.

The cause of your slice is something so simple you didn’t even notice
By: Baden Schaff, CEO of Skillest

As Larkin demonstrates in the video, your hands should come together as if you’re clapping — all while keeping your upper body upright (and not shifting).

“Point your lead hand out, and as you reach over to clap, don’t let your upper body lunge forward. Keep your head and chest back as you reach through and point both your thumbs up in space. Not under, not over, just up.”

Practice this motion until you get the true feel for the swing, and then grab a club to give it a go.

“Check your impact position, and also that post-impact position, for where you want to be,” Larkin adds. “Put it all together with a ball and transfer those feels that you had with the drills. This is how you create a swing feel and a swing thought that will carry with you not only through practice, but also to the course.”

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