Watch Bryson DeChambeau swing all-out chasing an insanely high ball speed

March 10, 2020

Bryson DeChambeau spent the entirety of his offseason chasing speed. He hit the gym hard, began pounding steak, and it’s already paying off. He leads the tour in Driving Distance at 321 yards, which has propelled him up to third in SG: Driving.

And on Tuesday, we got a glimpse inside one of Bryson’s speed training sessions, courtesy of Nick Faldo.

On the range ahead of the 2020 Players Championship, Bryson spent time swinging as hard and fast as he could. His goal? To get up to a whopping 200 mph ball speed.

It seemed an obstacle too high, at least at first. During his first two shots, he was swinging so visibly hard but seemed stuck at 198 mph ball speed. His third swing dropped to 197 mph, but because he hit it so well, it carried 354 yards anyway.

“That’s faster than my Porsche!,” Faldo said at one point.

And then, finally, the swing that did it.

Bryson went all-out on his fourth swing, then turned and pointed to his Foresight Quad with a cheeky grin on his face. The ball speed clocked in at 201 mph, but it “only” carried 341 yards.

“Spin was too high,” Bryson said.

Watch for yourself below.

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