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Bryson DeChambeau reveals how golfers can use his method to gain more speed

April 9, 2020

Bryson DeChambeau put on a brilliant show last night on Twitch, and all for a great cause. He partnered with his sponsor Cobra Golf to put together a “Speed Zone” challenge, where he’d try to hit any shot his viewers asked of him, in exchange for a small donation to charity, which Bryson announced he would match dollar for dollar.

It was good fun. We were treated to his Jim Furyk impression, and I even got in on the action with a $25 donation to see Bryson’s John Daly impression. It didn’t disappoint…

A large part of Bryson’s stream was a fascinating first-hand look at one of his speed training sessions. For almost an hour straight Bryson cranked-up the speed, eventually reaching an incredible 203 mph of ball speed, with his clubhead speed touching 140. Truly mind-boggling numbers from a man who has solidified himself as one of the longest hitters on tour.

Then, Bryson explained his training, and why it’s the key for any golfer who wants to gain speed.

Bryson has gained upwards of three miles per hour in ball speed alone since the 2020 Players, and it’s because of hour-long speed training sessions like these. When he’s speed training, he says he’s not focusing on technique at all, simply on swinging as hard as he can. It’s something all golfers can and should do if they’re serious about gaining speed:

“You have to push the limits, you have to do these crazy motions to see how high you can get it. You can always normalize back down, but when you push the limits you’ll be normalizing back down to a higher level than before.”

And if you’re feeling sore afterward, that’s ok, Bryson says. Never injure yourself, of course. But by pushing the limits, you can increase your “tolerance,” train your muscles and start hitting your own Bryson Bombs.

Re-watch the full stream below:

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