Weight for it: One driver drill to get more easy power

September 14, 2018

My late mentor and Canadian golf legend George Knudson (eight PGA Tour wins) had a great saying: “Give up control to gain control.” It was his take on the importance of swinging freely through impact instead of trying to muscle your way to extra driving speed.

He taught us to “feel” the weight at the end of the shaft and then whip it through the hitting zone. To teach George’s point to students, I’ll swing a kettle ball attached to the end of a chain into a pyramid of range balls.

Kettle BellThe only way I can swing something so heavy is to allow the weight to drop from the top and then ride its momentum into impact. Your driver isn’t nearly as heavy as a 35-pound kettle ball, but it’s weighty enough to feel throughout your swing. Let the weight guide you, not vice versa. Your swing speed will skyrocket.