Drill Skills: This drill requires just a piece of tape and can fix your mis-hits

February 17, 2020

Hand-eye coordination is one of the few fundamental skills of golf. It’s important to have the requisite coordination to ensure you, the player, can consistently and cleanly contact the ball, regardless of the speed or angle your clubs may be moving at.

In this week’s Drill Skills, PGA Teaching Professional Erika Larkin shows an easy drill using little more than a piece of tape to improve consistent contact and hand-eye coordination with the club.

All you need is a place to swing and a piece of masking or scotch tape. From there, place the tape on the ground where you’d otherwise place a golf ball. The goal of the drill is to make contact with the leading edge of the club on the tape from a variety of different positions within your swing.

First, start by making contact with the tape in the middle of your stance using a half-swing. Then, take the same swing speed, but adjust the tape to move to the back of your stance and then the front of your stance. The outcome should be to teach you clean, consistent contact with the leading edge to help improve that hand-eye and fix those mis-hits by keeping your leading edge down.

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