Meet Dragonfly Golf, a game-changing new entry into the 3D golf space

January 24, 2020

The bedrock of modern coaching was once annotated film and video. More recently, ballflight and club data from measuring devices such as Trackman and FlightScope have powered the bulk of the analysis. Today, 3D technology is pushing its way to the forefront, mapping every millimeter of body and club motion with laser-like precision, all in real time. The main setback with 3D technology is that it’s not very accessible to weekend golfers, and the systems themselves are prohibitively expensive.

One startup, however, is trying to limit these barriers to entry: Dragonfly Golf (named after the only insect boasting a 360-degree field of vision). It debuted in beta last year at the IMG Academy in Bradenton, Fla., made a splash at the 2020 PGA Show and plans to hit the market in select areas in 2020.

It’s fascinating stuff—just pull on a sensor-loaded “smart suit” (which fits under your clothes) and swing. The Dragonfly coaching app (available for iPhone and iPad) picks up data from the suit, automatically generating a 360-degree image of your motion while producing thousands of data points for every moment in your swing. (If you have questions, you can send your swing to your coach.) We dare say it’s the future of swing analysis.