Make better contact on your chips with this simple shaft lean drill

December 28, 2018

How many times have you told yourself that you’re not going to leave your chip short, only to come up 15 feet shy yet again? If you’re struggling to get the distance you want, you’re probably not making solid contact on a consistent basis. Here’s a simple image to help you dial it in.

Chipping shaft lean
With your weight shifted slightly onto your left side, create a “y” with your arms and the clubshaft. Then maintain this “y” as you swing through impact. This will allow you to trap the ball against the turf for solid, consistent contact.

As you set up, move a little more weight onto your front foot, and push the handle forward until your arms and clubshaft form a lower-case “y.” This is the magic letter for your chipping — if you can maintain the “y” through impact and keep your hands ahead of the clubhead, you’ll hit down on the ball and trap it between the clubface and the ground.

Hit the ball and then the earth and you should make solid contact — and hit closer chips — every time.

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