Escaping the sand: Here’s how to tackle a short bunker shot in 4 steps

April 21, 2019

Short bunker shot success depends largely on a solid setup. The next time you’re in greenside sand, run though the following checkpoints to nail this critical part of your routine.

1. Take a normal-width stance (feet just outside your shoulders) with the ball positioned forward of center.

2. Flare your front foot and shift your weight both forward and toward the target so that your front foot and knee line up.

3. Grip the club lightly at the same part of the handle you use for a full iron shot. (A lot of golfers choke down on the grip here, and I have no idea why. Scared of this shot? You shouldn’t be!)

4. Open the clubface slightly. By adding loft you can commit to both a full backswing and downswing. Explosion shots require an accelerating swing. Don’t hold back!

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