Hitting the lip on deep bunker shots? Try this 5-second hack

When you're struggling with deep bunker shots, try this simple hack to help choose the right club in order to avoid hitting the lip

When you're struggling with deep bunker shots, try this simple hack to help choose the right club in order to avoid hitting the lip.

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Finding yourself in any bunker is a real bummer, but when it’s a deep bunker that doesn’t offer much forgiveness, things can get a little bit dicey.

It’s one thing to worry about making good contact when hitting from the sand — which is already tricky — but then you need to make sure to clear a lip that can be at eye level. That can cause some intimidation for the average golfer.

A common mistake is leaning back and trying to scoop the ball out of the sand. But when this occurs, disaster usually happens, and it leads to a chunked or skulled shot — and often leaves the player in the sand for another attempt.

So why do so many players feel the need to scoop? Because they don’t have the right club choice with enough loft, so they lean back to attempt to get beneath the ball more.

But in the video below, golf teacher Max Kettler explains a simple hack that helps guide you towards making the right club selection. Check it out and give it a try for yourself.

Try this to avoid hitting the lip on deep bunker shots

Up until early last year, I had a really tough time hitting out of deep greenside bunkers. Then I got a lesson from the Short Game Chef himself, Parker McLachlin, and I was able to conquer the difficult scenario almost instantly.

While McLachlin had me use a 60-degree wedge to escape a deep bunker, depending on the depth of the bunker and the lie you have, you may have alternative club options to consider

That’s where the quick tip in the video above is helpful.

According to Kettler, if you struggle hitting the lips of bunkers, there’s a pro-level trick to give yourself better results.

“Take the back of the clubhead and lay it parallel to the ground over the golf ball,” Kettler says. “The angle that’s created between the hosel and the shaft will determine if you can clear the lip.”

The photo below shows how the trick works.

Kettler demonstrates how this hack should look. Image via Max Kettler

It seems so easy, but if that’s what helps you clear the lip of a bunker and get yourself in better position to save par, so be it.

So now you can walk into a bunker with confidence that you know the right angle and have the perfect loft to get out with one shot. So give this a try and see your scores improve.

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