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Ariya Jutanugarn’s four secrets to strike it pure

October 4, 2018

Ariya Jutanugarn, the uber-talented 22-year-old Bangkok native and second-ranked player in the world, might be the hottest thing in golf these days, with a second major victory in the books and dominance in seemingly every stat category that matters. Her secret? The girl’s got a ton of them. You can start with the four moves on display here.

1. Hard core

Like all great ballstrikers, Ariya utilizes her glutes to power her swing, aggressively rotating her backside to open up her hips so they’re nearly square to the target. This provides her core and arms with the momentum (and room) to deliver the club with force.

2. It’s Your Fling

It looks like Ariya is throwing the clubhead into the ball and the ground here. That’s the most effective way to gain consistency and power. It’s counterproductive to hold on or to try to steer the club; it never works. Fling that clubhead into the ball with abandon!

Ariya Jutanugarn
Here are the Thai star’s four secrets to pure contact.

3. Bend, but don’t break

Ariya employs a structured and stable left arm that is slightly bent at impact. This frees up her swing to dynamically deliver the club to the ball. When you force the lead arm to be straight, it can create tension and reduce clubhead speed.

4. Force Field

Driving the hips, core and chest up and around in the downswing starts with the legs. Ariya is fully extended here, which is an indication that she’s pushed forcefully from the ground and transferred that force through her body
and into the ball.