Top 100 Teacher: A foolproof routine to help aim your clubface perfectly

August 21, 2019

Your setup is the easiest of your swing to control. It’s why professional golfers spend so much time focusing on this part of their routine. When’s the last time you thought about your setup? If you’re like most amateurs, it’s been far too long.

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If anything, it’s critical to make sure the clubface is aligned correctly at address. Errors here lead to errant shot patterns, which force you to change your swing (difficult) when all you had to do was change your setup (easy).

Try this: Address the ball, take your left hand off the club and rest it on your left thigh. Look at your target, then with your right hand only, point the clubface in that direction.

Once your clubface is aimed properly, return your left hand to the grip and align your body to the clubface. This technique may sound simplistic, but it’s foolproof.

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By aligning your clubface before anything else, you ensure that you’re aiming exactly where you want the ball to go—and you won’t have to fix swing errors that actually don’t exist.