Home Practice: How to fix your chicken wing and eliminate toe strikes

April 7, 2020

Looking to improve your game from the comfort of your own home? Then you’re in luck. Every week we’re pairing with one of our GOLF Top 100 Teachers, who will deliver you a new at-home golf drill, every weekday, starting with one about your golf swing’s chicken wing. This week, we have Jupiter Hills’ Jason Baile…

Day 1: Fix Your Chicken Wing

So you’re hitting the ball off the toe; First off, Baile says to check that your grip is in a neutral spot. Grip the club squarely, then check your distance from the ball and your ball position. If none of those work, try this simple drill: Place a headcover just inside the golf ball you’re about to hit, which will help widen your downswing arc.

Day 2: Fix Your Heel Strikes

If it’s not the toe of the clubhead that’s giving you trouble, but the heel, follow the same protocol as above. Check your fundamentals, but instead of placing the headcover inside the golf ball to widen the swing arc, it should go outside the golf ball to help narrow the arc.

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