Here’s (another) at-home swing drill to work on from Padraig Harrington

March 20, 2020

Another day, another Padraig Harrington at-home instructional video on social media.

Harrington has made good use of his time while social distancing thus far, posting short-game instructional videos on chipping and bunker shots already this week. This time, he’s graduated up to a drill you can do at home to work on your full swing.

All you need is a tennis ball, a club and a wall for this drill. Put the tennis ball in the fingers of your right hand and then grasp your right wrist with your left hand. Then, get into your stance as if you are about to hit a golf shot. Take a swing and release the ball at the bottom of it.

“The idea is you’re going to try to throw the ball into the ground two yards ahead of you, and for it to go straight,” Harrington says.

If you are making the correct turn, when you release the ball at the impact position, the ball will bound out in front of you on a straight path, bounce off the ground, hit the wall and come right back to you. If you open up too quickly with your hips, the ball will come out to the right. While if you are coming over the top on your swing, the ball will come out to the left.

If done correctly, you will mimic a perfectly in sync hip and shoulder turn.

Once you get that drill down, take a club and hold it in your left hand braced against the ground like a walking stick. Now, make that same swinging motion you did previously. Now you’ll be throwing the ball under the bridge made by your left arm and the club.

“The reason we throw under here is to keep the left shoulder from opening up,” Harrington says.

If you can get into that solid impact position with your actual golf swing, you’ll be in a great spot to hit the ball solid.

You can watch the video in its entirety below:


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