A simple way to optimize your roll on the green

October 27, 2018


Putting is a game of millimeters, and it only takes a little skidding or pinching after impact to send the ball off-line and turn a make into a miss — that’s why “getting a good roll” is an obsession among Tour pros and putter manufacturers.

Now, you may not have their research and development budget, but you can practice the following drill, which will have you rolling the ball like a pro in no time.

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To ingrain the feel of hitting the ball with the sweet spot of your putter, tape two coins to the center of the putterface, about an inch apart. If you miss the sweet spot just slightly left or right, you’ll miss the putt.


The advantage of today’s putters is that they’re engineered to produce a good roll — but it’s generally contingent on hitting the ball on the sweet spot. While off-center contact causes the putter to twist, slightly thin contact makes the ball skid or bounce.

To ensure solid contact, try the old trick of framing the sweet spot by taping two coins to the face about an inch apart. As you practice, any putt hit right or left of center will hit one of the coins and veer off-line. Making solid contact your “stroke thought” on the greens helps your putting by allowing you to let go of mechanics and focus more on feel.