3 things good golf teammates always do (even when they’re playing badly)

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When you’re deciding on a match at the start of the day, you never envisioning yourself playing poorly. Yet even if you do, you can’t toss in the towel. You still need to figure out how to be a good teammate. Enter GOLF’s resident mid-handicaps, who are here to offer some helpful advice, golfer-to-golfer.

1. Play Fast

Tim Reilly (11.4 handicap): Even when I’m playing poorly I try to make sure I’m keeping pace with the rest of the group. At the end of the day, that’s all anyone really wants in a playing partner.

I have low-handicap friends that drive me insane when they keep me waiting even when they’re scoring low. Just keep your pace of play up and you won’t be bothering anyone with subpar play.

2. Keep Their Temper Under Control

Josh Berhow (17.1 handicap): This is something I’ve sometimes struggled with because I always think I’m better than I am (sigh), but it’s important to not ruin everyone else’s round just because you are frustrated. Let out some of that rage, fine. But as soon as you cross that line everyone else starts walking on eggshells around you. That’s not fun for them either. Play fast, keep your head up and don’t let the game get to you. It’s always better than a day in the office, anyway. People might not always remember what kind of golfer you are, but they will remember your character.

3. Never Give Up

James Colgan (17.2 handicap): I think the key is to have the right mindset. If you’re locked-in and competitive, it’s going to be fun, even if you play like garbage. The worst people to play with are the ones who give up on the round or the match when they start to struggle.

If you stay in the mix (or if you don’t), keep your head in the game. It’ll be worth your time and that of your teammates, and maybe you’ll even win back a few bucks on a late-round press.

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