XXIO’s 13 lineup is built for golfers with specific swing speeds

New XXIO woods laid out on grass

XXIO's 13 driver, fairway wood and hybrid are packed with new technologies.

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In recent years, several equipment manufacturers have released lightweight products designed for golfers with slower swing speeds, including XXIO. Going lighter can make it easier to generate more speed without having to make wholesale changes to the swing, especially if you fall into the slower swing speed category.

When it comes to XXIO’s new 13 lineup — which consists of a driver ($699.99), fairway woods ($399.99), hybrids ($299.99) and irons ($1,539.99 per set) — the goal is quite simple: Create a set of game-changing tools that add speed and consistency for someone who swings under 90 miles per hour. (Shop the full XXIO 13 lineup here.)

As one of the leaders in the lightweight club space, XXIO has become a go-to option thanks, in large part, to specialized technologies designed solely for the set.

xxio 13 woods 2024
XXIO’s Super-TIX 51 AF titanium face and Dual ActivWing design on the crown. XXIO

The most prominent on the woods is a new BiFlex face that’s featured on both the XXIO 13 and XXIO 13 Ladies lineups. The frame around the face acts as a trampoline, strategically reinforcing specific locations along the perimeter to enhance ball speeds. The end result is a 125 percent higher coefficient of restitution (COR) area when compared to its predecessor, according to XXIO’s internal testing.


XXIO 13 Driver

XXIO 13 is a lightweight and premium set of Woods and Irons that helps moderate swing speed golfers hit longer, straighter golf shots.

“XXIO is continuing to up the ante in lightweight technology, by making these world-class golf clubs even easier to swing. Golfers with moderate swing speeds looking to gain back distance and consistency will find it with XXIO 13,” said XXIO general manager Ryan Polanco. “Our engineers have refined each new technology feature to better aid golfers’ performance from tee to green, so players can have the utmost confidence that their best golf is ahead of them.”

xxio 13 irons
The XXIO 13 iron features a hollow-cavity construction that pushes mass lower in the head to induce a high launch. Dunlop Sports

Making impact with the ball is a Super-TIX 51 AF titanium face material that was stretched thinner to improve ball speeds across the entire structure as well.

XXIO’s Rebound Frame, a technology introduced with the ’22 lineup, continues to deliver a four-layer sandwich of flexible/rigid/flexible/rigid zones for maximum distance across a wider range of the face. At impact, the four-layer oscillation between flexible and rigid produces big gains in ball speed and, according to XXIO, a COR increase that pairs nicely with the new BiFlex design.

ActivWing, a stability-inducing technology that stabilizes the clubhead during the first part of the downswing, is another key piece of technology. Improving stability at a critical point in the swing leads to smoother and more stable acceleration through the ball, which is something the Dual ActiveWing accomplishes. Even better? The two raised sections on the heel side of the crown are visible tech — look for the trapezoidal features protruding from the crown, which, when aerodynamic forces are applied during the swing, helps to correct the face angle by 11 percent for fewer slices.

xxio 13 irons
The XXIO 13 iron is made up of four distinct pieces. Dunlop Sports

Another carryover technology from the previous generation is XXIO’s proprietary Weight Plus Technology that adds weight underneath the shaft, directly below the grip, for a more balanced feel during the swing.

The fairways and hybrids offer a similar BiFlex face design and new cannon sole design that places mass lower in the head for a deeper center of gravity. An elevated weight pad located behind the face creates space for a thin sole portion to optimize ball speeds for shots hit low on the face, a common mishit location for many golfers. Similar to the driver, the goal behind the technologies is to increase the overall sweet spot while inducing a higher launch angle at the same time.


XXIO 13 Irons

The all-new XXIO 13 Irons deliver the ultimate in moderate swing speed performance. Their advanced, four-piece design has a remarkably low Center of Gravity for a satisfyingly high launch.

The four-piece, hollow-cavity XXIO 13 irons follow the same high launch blueprint as the woods with a tungsten-nickel sole weight (located on the toe-side of the sole on the 5- through 7-iron) pushing the CG lower in the head for launch purposes. XXIO’s Rebound Frame also adds ball speed to the Super-TIX 51 AF titanium face plate through alternating flex and rigid zones.

The XXIO 13 lineup will be available at retail on January 26, but you can purchase your new clubs now right here.

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