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Titleist releases new Vokey SM7 wedges in Raw finish

February 28, 2018

If you love the new Titleist Vokey SM7 wedges but were waiting for the Tour-preferred Raw finish to come out, you’re in luck. Starting today, all SM7 wedges (in RH) are available in a Raw finish that’s created using a proprietary heat treating process that increases the durability of the grooves.

Typically wedges with a raw finish wear much faster than chrome or other coated wedges, but with the new process developed by Bob Vokey and the Titleist team, that problem is a thing of the past:

“Raw means there is no additional finish applied to the wedge, which is made of 8620 carbon steel. It has what I like to call a satin appearance that will start to rust after some use. On tour, the raw heads give us the flexibility to grind wedges based on a player’s needs. But guys just love the look of that raw steel – some players like it even more as it rusts, kind of like a trusty hammer or another tool. These are their scoring tools.”

The new SM7 Raw wedges ($195 each) are available through WedgeWorks on Vokey.com and can be customized with a number of engravings including BV Custom, BV Clover, BV Wings, and BV Fleur-de-lis.

The new Raw model also features all the same impressive technologies as the standard SM7 wedges including Spin Milled Grooves for improved spin rates, progressive CG locations for improved trajectory and distance control, and six sole grinds for an exceptionally accurate fit.