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Vokey SM10 on tour 2024

Titleist's Vokey Design SM10 wedge is the newest offering in the gear arsenal.

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For 2024 ClubTest, we paired members of our staff with the latest gear from manufacturers to give you, the potential club buyer, real insights from real golfers and their firsthand experience testing new clubs.


TESTER: Zephyr Melton, Assistant Editor | 5 HCP

GOAL: Find clubs more suited to my increased swing speed

THE LOWDOWN: This wasn’t my first trip to the Titleist Performance Institute. Almost exactly a year prior, I made the long trip out west to one of the grandest club-fitting properties in the world for my first glimpse at TPI. Safe to say, I was wide-eyed and awed throughout the experience.

A couple of months ago I was headed back for another appointment with the brains at TPI to get fitted for a new set of clubs, and although I largely knew what to expect — which faces I’d see, what the club-fitting process entails, how to speak “gearhead” — I wondered how my second trip would be different.

I might work for a golf publication, but that doesn’t mean I’m the most gear-savvy individual. My first visit to TPI was my maiden voyage in the fitting process and an enlightening one. When I walked away from that experience I figured I’d be set with my new gear for years to come.

Well, I was wrong. You see, my goal over the past year has been to gain speed. I spent much of last winter dedicated to speed training and increasing my swing speed and ball speed numbers throughout the 2023 season. No one is going to mistake me for Cameron Young or Wyndham Clark, but I did see some gains in the speed department by year’s end.

This extra distance was great for my ego, but not so great for my golf game. I’ve always plodded my way around the golf course, but with the extra yards I packed on, I tried changing my strategy. That strategy change saw mixed results on the course and let’s just say 2023 wasn’t a banner year for my scores.

Titleist TPI Titleist

Another issue was my gear wasn’t optimized for my new faster and more aggressive swing. My spin rate would jump to untenable numbers on slight mishits, and I lost tons of clubface awareness with the light shafts. Sure, I was swinging faster and hitting the ball further, but it unearthed a new set of issues. I knew I needed some gear that better suited my new swing.

FITTING PROCESS: As a golf nerd, a trip to TPI evokes similar feelings as walking into Disneyland as a child. The 33-acre site has everything a golfer could dream of — and more. From beautifully manicured driving ranges, to perfectly kept bunkers and slick greens, the entire compound is a sight to behold.

When I walked through the doors, TPI Fitting Analyst Chris Baingo met me at the front desk. “Welcome back,” he said as he snapped a spiffy Titleist tag on my bag. “You still playing ProV1?” he asked. That’s right, they let you hit perfect balls of your choice while they fit you.

Next, we shuttled out to the vast expanse of greens, fairways, and bunkers nestled behind the main building at TPI. For the next few hours, I would be hitting the latest and greatest gear Titleist had to offer. It’s not a bad gig if you can get it.

My Fitted Gear


Titleist has always made great clubs, but they’re also pretty good at making clubs that look good too. When you see a Titleist club, it has a certain chicness that draws you in. They aren’t in your face flashy — they’re elegant.

titleist tsr1 driver 2023
Titleist’s TSR1 driver. Jonathan Wall/Golf

Such is the case with the TSR1 driver I was fit into. The jet-black crown has a polish that you can see your reflection in, while the sole features a minimalist look that will make you swoon.

Here’s where it gets interesting. You see the TSR1 is marketed for slower swing players. Yes, I know my increased speed caused me to need new clubs, but even so, the TSR1 was perfect for my game. Why? Well, because even with slightly faster swing speeds, the model can do wonders for your driving thanks in part to its added level of stability.

With my previous driver, we opted for a model with more loft and a lighter shaft to help me get the ball up in the air. However, my increased swing speed made mishits super spinny and without much distance. This year, I was fit into a driver with a slightly lighter head with less loft (10 degrees), but with a heavier shaft to help me with club awareness in my swing — problem one solved!

Titleist TSR1 Custom Driver

Moderate swing speed, meet maximum performance. Titleist TSR1 Driver’s incredible lightweight configuration and enhanced aerodynamics make it easier to generate more speed. The new Multi-Plateau Variable Face Thickness design optimizes ball speed across the entire face. Benefits Maximized Launch & Distance Exceptional Forgiveness Features Ultra-Lightweight Configuration Multi-Plateau Variable Face Thickness Design Improved Aerodynamics Aerospace Grade Titanium SureFit Adjustability
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Fairway woods

This part of my setup needed an entire overhaul. In our first fitting, I opted for one fairway wood I could use for maximal distance, and two hybrids for attacking greens. But after a season of that setup, I needed a shakeup.

For whatever reason, I could not hit my hybrids with consistency, and it was hurting my ability to go for greens from farther distances. To supplement, Baingo fit me into two high-lofted (18 and 23 degrees) TSR1 fairway woods.

titleist tsr1 fairway woods 2023
Titleist’s TSR1 fairway wood. Jonathan Wall

Not only did the higher loft help me get the ball up into the air more easily, but the technology packed into the TSR1 helped as well. Thanks to their hosel construction and rear sole weight, the center of gravity is pushed deeper, which promotes not only higher launch but also forgiveness on off-center hits.

After a few whacks with the TSR1, I knew I’d found my new fairway woods. I hit them more consistently than my old hybrids, while still getting the high launch necessary for attacking greens from longer distances all the while keeping spin right where it needed to be.


I loved the T200 irons from my first fitting, but much like the driver found it difficult to control the face with my light shafts. To make matters worse, I always found it a little difficult to cut through the turf on certain grasses with my shorter irons.

This is where the new T150s came in to help solve both of those problems. We opted for heavier shafts in my new irons, which helped with clubface awareness, and when I came through the impact zone, the new heads cut through the turf so much easier for me and my delivery.

titleist t150 irons
Titleist T150 irons. Jonathan Wall

Coming off the face shots just had a different feel, and one that makes me giddy when I get an iron in my hands from the fairways. In another boon for my confidence, these new models gave me a considerable jump in spin rate (nearly 500 rpms), which means I can hit the ball higher and with more stopping power.

With my old setup, I opted for a 5 hybrid instead of an iron, but after I struggled with the club last season, I wanted to stay away. Thanks to getting fit into the T150s, a blended set was an option. So after hitting the T150s through 6 iron, Baingo handed me a T200 5 iron.

Titleist iron T200 2024
Titleist 2024 T200 irons. Jonathan Wall

Even after playing the T200s all last season, I felt like I was hitting an entirely new golf club. The feel of the new T200s was entirely different, and the sound was much better, too, especially when I missed higher on the face. Oh, and I could hit this year’s 5-iron with some serious height.

I’m not sure what exactly Titleist’s R&D team did over the past year, but I can say that their work paid off. The new clubs are quite tasty.

Titleist T150 Custom Irons

T150 is built on the same fully forged platform as T100 but engineered to be faster and longer. Now with a more confidence-inducing shape and improved forgiveness. Inspired by the player’s performance and feel of T100 but forged into a more confidence-inducing shape, T150 is a modern Tour iron with dialed-up speed for players seeking a little more distance. T150 is everything players love about T100, only more. The fully forged feel and precise flighting – in 2-degree stronger lofts – offer outstanding touch and control, while the refined Muscle Channel and updated shape enhance feel, forgiveness and player confidence. ENHANCED FEEL AND CONSISTENCY Engineered to provide added speed, the refined Muscle Channel in T150 sits close to the face to create a more solid feel. A new precision CNC face milling process eliminates imperfections in the surface for more precise contact and control, all driving towards more consistent play. SHAPED TO SUIT THE PLAYER Based on player feedback, T150 presents an optimized topline that inspires confidence over the ball. The slightly larger shape provides just the right amount of forgiveness, while still maintaining a compact, Tour-inspired look. Everything sets up for winning iron play. EFFORTLESS TURF INTERACTION Working with Tour Pros and the grind experts at Vokey Design, our engineers were able to further improve our Variable Bounce Sole by softening the trailing edge to allow the club to flow faster through the turf, even after contact. Developed for T100, it brings a Tour touch to T150. BETTER TUNGSTEN FOR BETTER PERFORMANCE By utilizing dense D18 tungsten and a 2000º aerospace brazing process, Titleist engineers can eliminate weld points and be more precise with CG placement. You get outstanding MOI and launch dynamics from a solid, fully forged design.
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Getting a wedge fitting from Bob Vokey was my highlight of 2022. As a kid who grew up with a single Vokey wedge as his prized possession, getting a chance to pick his brain for an hour was bucket list stuff. But after rolling out the red carpet for me in 2022, I didn’t expect to see Vokey again my second time around.

Boy was I wrong. When the fitting process turned to wedges, there was my old pal with a smile on his face. “Ready to get to work?” he asked.

vokey sm10 wedge face on golf course
Titleist’s Vokey Design SM10 wedges. Titleist/Vokey

Going through a wedge fitting with Vokey is akin to Harry Potter testing wands at Ollivanders. Vokey will hand you a wedge and ask you to hit it, changing the grind and bounce each time. Sometimes you’ll make what you thought was a perfect swing and the ball will come out funky. Or you’ll make a pass at the ball and your club will get stuck in the ground. All the while, Vokey stays close by, muttering to himself and brainstorming how to make you the best wedge player you can be.

After a while, Vokey will start to get you dialed in — and the feeling is unlike anything else. Sometimes he’ll point at a flag and have you fire at it and your ball will stop on a dime. Other times he’ll put you in a bunker and coach you into the best sand shot you’ve ever hit. Once he gets you hitting the right set of wedges, you’ll feel like Seve Ballesteros around the greens.

Titleist Vokey SM10 Tour Chrome Custom Wedge

Adding Vokey Design® SM10 Wedges to your bag opens a world of scoring opportunities. Between the crisp contact, optimal flighting, incredible spin – and those magical Bob Vokey grinds – they give you everything you need to grow your short game skill. From the simple to the sensational, SM10 are made to make great shots happen. Improved Flighting & Feel Get lower, more attacking flight in a wedge that feels amazingly solid at impact with SM10. A precise shift in the center of gravity gives you even more control and stability for greater confidence over every shot. Ultimate Shot Versatility Your swing is unique and requires the right tools. Finding your ideal mix of grinds will provide you with flawless contact and maximum versatility so you can be prepared for everything the course demands.
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The Results

Driver: TSR1, 10 degrees (65-gram shaft)
Fairway woods: TSR1, 18 and 23 degrees (65- and 75-gram shafts)
Irons: T150s (P-6), T200 (5)
Wedges: SM10 48.10 F grind, 54.12 D grind, 60.12 D grind

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