Why carrying fewer clubs in your ‘Sunday bag’ can actually help your game

November 27, 2019

For those golfers who still enjoy strolling the fairways of their favorite course with a bag slung over their shoulder, the Sunday Bag has become a must-have item. Weighing as little as 2-3 pounds without gear — many have a waterproof belly in place of stand legs so you can lay the bag on the ground — the no-frills bag has enough space for your most important gear.

The only issue Sunday bag carriers tend to grapple with is the number of clubs that should go along for the ride. Should you carry the usual 13-14 or shake things up and go with fewer clubs? Golfers sounded off recently when I asked them to give me their ideal equipment setup for a Sunday bag on social media.

Below are some of the best responses I received. Hopefully, they give you a better idea of what other golfers are doing when it comes to stocking their bag with gear.

The case for carrying a half set

The case for carrying a full set