Stop three-putting with this Dustin Johnson approved, office must-have

Dustin Johnson works from home with the Perfect Practice Putting Mat.

Courtesy of Perfect Practice

It’s been a long week in the office, but daydreaming of your Saturday morning tee time is getting you through. You don’t just want to play; you want to play well. 

Strokes-gained-putting was proven to have the highest correlation to scoring average (use Cameron Smith as a prime example), but it’s often inconvenient to practice or forgotten altogether. 

The Perfect Practice Putting Mat is the bridge you need between the office and the golf course. I’ve had several at-home putting mats before, but this is by far the most realistic. The TrueRoll technology straightens out my stroke and keeps me from getting rusty while away from the course.

I love this product for three reasons: efficiency, improvement, and ease of use. 

Measuring just under ten feet and finished with natural wood, Perfect Practice is a must-have for your workspace, dormitory, or living room. If you leave a putter out, rolling a few will become irresistible throughout the day. Other golfers will migrate to your indoor putting surface and create natural entertainment while on a break. 

Not only will Perfect Practice allow you to naturally fit putting into your daily routine, you’ll be putting correctly. The first thing I do when warming up is putt between two alignment sticks. This drill gives me instant feedback regarding the path of my putter head. Staying between the two boundaries creates more consistency, and the mat’s parallel lines provide you this feedback. 

My second pre-round putting strategy is using a mini hole. A big believer in the aim small, miss small theory, seeing a putt drop on the small hole gives me more confidence on the regular one. Perfect Practice’s reduced size hole does just that. 

With automatic ball return, you can hone in your stroke and have your ball roll back to your feet like a caddy placed it there, make or miss. No matter your reason for avoiding the practice putting green, say goodbye to excuses and bring the course to you.

Tyler Zimmer Contributor

Tyler is a collegiate golfer for Cornell University working as’s summer intern. He was the editor-in-chief for The Haverford School’s Index after serving as the sports section editor. Tyler writes tournament content, product reviews, and instructional pieces from his perspective as an active player.