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Cuater by TravisMathew releases 4 stylish (and comfortable) golf shoes to wholesale market

March 15, 2020

Cuater by TravisMathew’s focus is simple: comfort and style with the technology you need and nothing extra you don’t. And the accessories brand’s newest shoe models are just that. Cuater (Cway-ter), which was co-founded by Robbie McKnight and Ben Donnelly, agreed to a licensing deal with TravisMathew in 2017, and now it pumps out fashion-first goodies perfect for both on and off the golf course, things like golf shoes, casual kicks, belts, socks, hats and more.

Today Cuater announced the newest additions to its collection: two golf shoes and one casual pair. The Ringer is a spiked golf shoe, The Wildcard is a spikeless golf shoe and The Phenom is a casual shoe. These three join a trio that’s already in the Cuater collection and were announced in November — The Legend (spiked golf shoe), The Moneymaker (spikeless golf shoe) and The Daily (casual shoe) — and all are hitting the wholesale market today.

But this was no small project. According to TravisMathew President Ryan Ellis, the focus for Cuater golf shoes was to create something comfortable that was technical with a clean look.

“Our design and marketing teams had a clear idea of the look and knew we could easily execute,” Ellis said. “The real challenge is, we are not footwear experts, so while we knew we could make it look good, the functionality and comfort would be the challenge.”

So TravisMathew hired an expert from a prominent footwear company to help lead the effort, and the team got to work. Ellis said the goal was to complete the shoes in 18 months — six months for R&D, design and merchandising tweaks, six months of prototypes and sampling and, finally, four to six months of production lead times. Due to the meticulous nature of the project, the entire process took about two years — about six months longer than planned. But missing that original target date didn’t bother anyone.

“I don’t think we have ever have been so obsessed with the details as much as this product without concern of loss of sales due to delays in our product launch,” Ellis said. “We had one simple goal: create an amazing golf shoe with incredible comfort, performance and durability. Again, from the design/aesthetic side, we were extremely comfortable on how it would look.”

A six-month testing period with Tour players, celebrities, athletes and members of the TravisMathew and Callaway teams revealed glowing reviews, according to Ellis.

“The results were shocking, with a the majority of our wear-test team saying it was the most comfortable shoe they had ever worn,” he said. “These are people that will pick apart even the smallest detail that bothers them. It was interesting to see in our four styles how different they were and how people gravitated towards the different styles that matched their looks and personality.”

Here’s what you need to know about the four golf shoes. For more on Cuater’s offerings, including its casual shoes, click here.

The Ringer ($199.95) / BUY NOW

Courtesy Photo

The Ringer is Cuater’s premium performance spiked golf shoe that sports a clean look and an air-mesh molded sockliner adds extra breathability (this shoe is also waterproof). But better yet is what the company is calling SweetSpot technology, a lightweight midsole performance foam that maximizes comfort for those 36-hole days.

The Moneymaker ($159.95) / BUY NOW

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The spikeless Moneymaker is Cuater’s best-selling model, which is a testament to its smooth style, comfort and price point. These athletic kicks are lightweight, waterproof and comfortable, the latter thanks to their foam midsole and molded Ortholite sockliner. Like we said, they are the top-sellers for a reason.

The Wildcard ($129.99) / BUY NOW

Courtesy Photo

This spikeless performance golf shoe is Southern Cali-inspired and sports a casual look that doesn’t skimp on the on-course performance golfers need. It’s water-resistant, lightweight and, with its foam midsole with molded Ortholite insole, is plenty comfortable.

The Legend ($249.99) / BUY NOW

Courtesy Photo

The Legend is Cuater’s most classic model, a spiked golf shoe that uses the same SweetSpot technology as The Ringer, making for a lightweight and smooth walk down the fairway — and a sleek stroll to boot. It’s made from premium, full-grain genuine leather and 100 percent waterproof.

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