L.A.B Golf’s DF3 putter: Everything you need to know

lab golf df3 putter

L.A.B. Golf says the sound and feel at impact has been greatly improved with DF3.

L.A.B. Golf

Sam Hahn, L.A.B. Golf’s CEO, knows what you’re already thinking: the original Directed Force (DF) 2.1 putter didn’t exactly earn high marks in the looks department.

“The typical experience with DF 2.1 has been for a golfer to look at it and think, ‘I could never use that,’” said Hahn. “But then golfers try it, see their putting improve and after a few weeks or months they wonder why they would use anything else.”

The popular Mezz.1 Max generated considerable buzz on the PGA Tour and gave L.A.B. users something else to consider if they didn’t embrace the DF 2.1 profile. Now they’ll have another option to try out the original with the release of DF3 — a smaller, sleeker version of the 2.1 that marks the first time L.A.B. has reimagined the putter from its logo.

lab golf df3 putter
Comparing the original DF2.1 (bottom) to the all-new DF3 (top). L.A.B. Golf

Even with a noticeably smaller footprint, DF3 maintains low torque — thereby reducing unwanted twisting at impact — via 8 individual sole weights positioned along the wings that stabilize the head throughout the stroke. Going smaller also made it possible to make improvements to how the ball sounded coming off the face.

“With DF3, we refined every aspect of the design,” Hahn said. “DF3 is quite a bit smaller, but because of all we’ve learned about building Lie Angle Balanced putters over the years, we were able to maintain almost all of the forgiveness and stability [from DF 2.1].”


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The DF3 also marks the return of one design aspect some golfers told L.A.B. they missed with the introduction of Mezz.1: a ball scoop. Better known as the “gimme getter,” the flange section includes a golf ball-sized cutout designed to pick up the ball when pressed on top.

The DF3 putter from L.A.B. Golf retails for $449 (stock) and $559 (custom) and comes in arm-lock and broomstick versions that will be launched in early spring 2024. Custom options include a full range of lengths, lie angles, colors (black, red, blue, cappuccino, platinum, pink, green and orange), shafts, grips, and 33 different alignment aids.

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