Edel Array putters: These new premium putters are designed to fit to your stroke

Four Edel Array putters against a black background

The Edel Array putters come in four head shapes with even more alignment options.

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If you’re a golfer who doesn’t just want to buy another putter off the rack and instead wants to find a putter that works specifically for your putting stroke and alignment, the new Array putter series from Edel is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

What it offers

Based on the idea that no two golfers swing or align the putter the same, the Edel Array line of putters allows golfers to find the right combination of head shape, head weight, hosel and alignment style to best optimize stroke type and aim bias.

edel fitting kit array
The Array fitting kit used during the fitting process Ryan Barath

“At the heart of Edel Golf is scoring improvement and with Array Putters, we give golfers the ability to uniquely customize their putter to match their tendencies. Golfers no longer have to settle for off-the-rack putters; Array Putters ensure a personalized fit for every player.” says Doug Coors, CEO of Edel Golf.

At the core of the Array line are three unique mallet head shapes as well as a classic blade to help golfers find the shape that best fits their aiming style. From there, the (mallet) putters can be outfitted with several different alignment plates to further enhance a golfer’s ability to line up to the hole and return the putter to square at impact. This is on top of other customization options including grip shapes, length and lie angle.

Edel putters
The Array series offers three distiny mallet head shaoes Edel golf

The reason alignment is so crucial is that on a 10′ putt, a face angle away from square by just one degree will result in a missed putt, so if you can get golfers to naturally return the blade to the proper line — well, you just might make a few more putts.

“All golfers have an aim bias and every visible attribute of a putter directs the eyes to a specific location and dictates where the golfer aims their putter based on his or her aim bias. This bias creates compensations in the stroke and face rotation making it hard to be more consistent. Solving aim bias with a putter accurately suited to an individual is vital to making putts,” says Mike Pai, CMO of Edel Golf.

edel array face milling
Edel’s unique face milling creates a crisp soud and feel Edel Golf

Each putter is manufactured from machined 1025 carbon steel to create precise tolerances and features a unique face milling design for a player-preferred sound and feel at impact.

Price and availability

The Array putters will be available starting February 16th at Edel Golf retailers and are priced at $399.99 each fully fit with all options including the choice of four signature Edel grips at no additional charge. Extra hosels, alignment plates and head weights can be purchased separately and left-handed options are available in select models.

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Ryan Barath

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