Odyssey unveils Red Ball putter with ‘scope’ to improve alignment

July 13, 2018

Designers at Odyssey have been pushing the limits of alignment, high MOI forgiveness, and face insert technology seemingly forever, and certainly since the original Two-Ball putter came out in 2001 and quickly became the biggest seller in the industry.

Carrying on the tradition of innovation is the new Red Ball putter ($180), which is specifically designed to improve both set up and alignment.

The key to the new putter design is an actual red ball, which is positioned under a “scope,” built into the topside of the clubhead. If you set up correctly with the red ball inside the center of the “scope,” you’ll know the loft and face angle of the club are consistent time after time. The design also forces you to set up with your eyes directly over the ball, which will produce a very accurate view of the line.

Odyssey Red Ball putter scope
An alternate view of the red ball and scope on the new Odyssey Red Ball putter.

In addition, the Red Ball putter features Odyssey’s unique Versa contrast alignment aid to help make certain the putter is accurately aimed at the target line.

Other features of the new Red Ball model include the ultra-popular White Hot RX insert with Tour-proven sound and feel, a mallet shape, and more weight concentrated in the extremities of the clubhead to produce a high MOI and enhanced forgiveness and stability.

The Odyssey Red Ball putter will be available at retail on 7/20/18.

The Odyssey Red Ball putter
The Odyssey Red Ball putter is designed to specifically help with set up and alignment.