Need help focusing on the golf course? The SelfieSPINNER promises that and so much more

January 24, 2018

ORLANDO, Fla. — Add some golf flavor to an original toy and you’ve got your own bit of novelty at the PGA Show. (It’s an unsurprising truth found at many booths here, but hey, shoot your shot.)

That’s what SelfieGolf has done in creating the SelfieSPINNER, a golf-infused tool that operates much like fidget spinners, the popular toy that caught on in 2017. The differences are aplenty in golf-handiness as the SelfieSPINNER can be used to mark your ball, prop up your club, fix divots and, of course, help you concentrate.

The idea of staying focused on the golf course is purposefully overstated, especially for those of us unaccompanied by a caddie. So the potential is certainly there, but it’ll run you $25 for the all-purpose tool.

The SelfieSPINNER originally debuted on Kickstarter but failed to meet its goal of $10,000. While they have no doubt created a sharp product, they’re not the only brand in the game.

The more aptly named DivotSpinner (patent pending) is a similar product that, while not incorporating as many tools of the golf trade, does sell for the cheaper price of $20. The DivotSpinner was created by the Escamilla family from Northwest Texas, whose four junior golfers applied their love of the game to a shared love of the fidget spinner toy. Sounds easy enough, no? You can buy the DivotSpinner online here.