Motorbikes and scooters are the new fast and fun way to play golf

January 23, 2019

Now you can ride to the course and play on the course in the same vehicle. The introduction of motorbikes and scooters are responsible for making that happen. At PGA Show Demo Day, a pair of these exciting electric rides turned the heads of all that walked by.

Sun Mountain’s FinnCycle

Sun Mountain is well-known for their golf bags, and soon you’ll be able to toss them on the company’s own motorbike. Later in 2019, Sun Mountain will release the FinnCycle. Bags are secured right on the frame of the bike and it’s large enough to hold just about anything smaller than a staff bag. It has a minimalist design that’s reminiscent of a bike you probably grew up riding.

Another view of the FinnCycle at Demo Day

The FinnCycle maxes out at 15 mph. While that might be in line with your standard golf cart, there’s just a different open-air feeling that makes all the difference. One attention to detail that caught my eye on the FinnCycle is its driver head kickstand.

It’s an easy rider that I would love to take out for a solo twilight round.

Phat Scooter

If a standard-looking bike isn’t your thing, a Phat Scooter might be more your style. This ride resembles a highway cruiser you see doing low speeds with its fat tires. But the only cruising the Phat Scooter will be doing is right passed your golf cart at speeds up to 20 mph. It’s even street legal!

Unlike the FinnCycle, your bag goes on the back like a traditional golf cart and rides like a bike-scooter hybrid. “It’s like riding a couch” is the testimony Tour pro Pat Perez gave the Phat Scooter, and I don’t think he’s too far off with that statement.

This dual-purpose scooter is a great way to get around on and off the course.

Next time your significant other asks where you’re going, just tell them you’re going for a bike ride. It won’t be a total lie…