Show your patriotism this Memorial Day with USA-themed golf gear

To support the USA this Memorial Day, take advantage of these red, white, and blue themed golf items from Fairway Jockey

Brought to you courtesy of the red, white, and blue.

Fairway Jockey

Memorial Day is the ideal holiday to fire up the barbecue, sip on a couple adult beverages, and get yourself out to the golf course to sneak in as many rounds as possible.

It’s also a time to honor our veterans, wearing as much red, white and blue gear to applaud their efforts in defending our freedoms. For those looking to make a statement for the good ol’ U-S-of-A while playing golf this weekend, we’ve got a handful of fantastic options to choose from on Fairway Jockey. Take a look below and show your American pride this Memorial Day.

Our favorite Memorial Day golf gear

TaylorMade TP5 pix USA Golf Balls

Using advanced visual technology, TP5 pix USA is the ultimate crossroads of high-level performance and patriotic pride. Strategically placed USA graphics frame the TaylorMade logo to form ClearPath Alignment™ and provide immediate feedback.

Kanga Coolers Captain 30-Pack Kase Mate

The 30-Pack Kase Mate is the No Ice, Keep the Case, Cooler. It’s designed to Keep 30-Packs of 12oz standard or slim can beverages cold for up to 7 hours – without ice! The Kase Mate makes enjoying cold drinks easier than ever before.

Birdie Juice Flag T-Shirt

Sometimes all you need is a little birdie juice to jumpstart your round. That’s the best advice Colt Knost and Drew Stoltz have to offer a golfer. The stars and stripes go perfectly with a little birdie juice.

American Flag Needlepoint Hat

Old Glory never looked so good. The stars and stripes in a needlepoint design is a modern touch with a vintage look. Show your patriotic pride all summer long. This adjustable strap hat is one size fits all.
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Nick Dimengo Editor