Need a golf bag? Here’s why you should try the Jones Rover Stand

The Jones Rover Stand bag.

With a mix of classic styling along with modern design, the new Rover stand bag from Jones Sports is an ideal bag for the walking golfer.

Jack Hirsh/GOLF

Some golf bags, much like many popular cars, have seemingly gotten bigger, heavier and more feature-ridden over the years. But at a certain point, we must ask ourselves — is all of this necessary? In many cases, the clear answer is no.

But this is where Jones Sports Co. comes in — at least for golf bags, not cars — and it hits the sweet spot with its newest Rover Stand bag.

At just 4.2 pounds with a double-strap, stand and seven pockets, the Rover Stand is everything you need and nothing you don’t, which makes it an ideal option for those who don’t want to go completely minimalistic but also don’t want to lug around a bulky bag.

Side of the Rover stand bag from jones
The opposite side of the Jones Rover Stand bag. Ryan Barath/GOLF

The basics

Jones took its popular Rover carry bag — a go-to Sunday bag for many given its double-strap design, multiple pockets and cooler pouch — and fully redesigned it, adding a stand and leg mechanism that quickly folds out and sits flush to the ground for improved stability compared to previous Jones stand bags.

With the stand on the underside of the bag, the pockets have been adjusted from the smaller stand-less Rover to have two equal-sized saddle pockets on either side near the bottom. Although not as big as traditional apparel pockets that stretch the full length of the bag, these pockets offer plenty of room to carry essentials, and that brings us to the next cool feature.

Jones Rover Stand phone pocket.
The phone pocket is perfectly placed for easy access and has ample size for keys and whatever else you need. Jack Hirsh/GOLF

Opposite the hip pad is one of the best-designed phone and valuables pockets you’ll find on a golf bag. The zipper is easy to access, and there is a separate sleeve to keep the phone and its screen away from any sharp keys to prevent scratching. The entire pocket is fleece-lined, so anything you put in there — and there’s plenty of space — will be protected.

The stand bag also features an eight-inch three-way horizontally divided top, perfect for carrying a full set of 14 clubs without issues. And for you golfers who play mid or oversized grips, the large spaces between the dividers help prevent the grips getting stuck when pulling a club from the bag.

Caddies will love the double-strap system, which functions as two separate straps, making single-strap use on either shoulder easy. But the bag performs best when you use both straps, as it balances well and is sturdy on your back, making for an easy walk.

Jones Sports Co. Rover Stand Bag – Cement/Cobalt Blue

A new standard. The Rover Stand Bag. This isn’t just a bag; it’s the culmination of over 50 years of dedication and innovation. Designed from the ground up, the Rover Stand Bag is everything the competitive golfer needs and nothing they don’t. The new dual performance shoulder strap system is crafted for optimal balance and comfortability. From its custom flex bottom mold that adapts to any terrain, to the slip proof stand legs, and the full length club dividers, every detail has been thoughtfully designed. Use the catch-all pocket for quick draw needs, while the utility valuables sleeve is perfect for keys, wallet, and phone. The Rover Stand Bag is an extension of the player’s commitment to the game. Experience authenticity and excellence with our newest innovation.
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What could be improved?

While the Rover Stand bag is as close to the perfect bag for walkers as we’ve come across, there still are a few things that Jones could tweak for future iterations.

First, the primary strap is a touch short and has limited length adjustability. This isn’t a big issue, but if you’re a taller golfer (let’s say over 6-foot-5) that requires some extra room, the straps could feel snug.

Lastly, the catch-all flip-top pocket on the spine of the bag is great for all kinds of things, but it lacks insulation to hold a water bottle. Regardless, that’s minor, and we still think the new Rover Stand could be your next favorite golf bag.

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