Tommy Fleetwood’s going low at the PGA with some *secret* irons in the bag

tommy fleetwood clubs

Every equipment writer has their “Where’s Waldo” moment. You’re perusing photos on Getty Images or sifting through bags on the practice range at a Tour event — a practice that would be frowned upon in the Covid era — and happen upon something new. Maybe it’s a prototype. Maybe it’s a classic club getting another shot.

Either way, it’s a finding that doesn’t stand out unless you look hard.

Laugh if you want (and I know many probably are), but there’s something exciting about unearthing these clubs. I bring this up because the exact situation played out on Friday as I was perusing Getty. With Tommy Fleetwood going low, I took a peek to see if he had anything new in the bag.

The TaylorMade P7TW irons — better known as Tiger’s irons — were still in play, but in one particular photo, there looked to be something new in Fleetwood’s hands. It was a blade-like profile with what appeared to be a distinctive, albeit beefier muscle pad design.

Assuming Fleetwood is still using a half set of P7TWs (6-9), it’s safe to assume the secret iron in question is a long iron of some sort. Maybe a product with a bit more forgiveness and ball speed. It’s a total guess, but with P7MB and P7MC prototypes surfacing in recent weeks, it’s possible this is another new product coming to market in the not-too-distant future.

As for Fleetwood, he’s been searching for a suitable option for the 235-yard gap in his bag. Last week, it was a 20.75-degree TaylorMade SIM Max rescue. This week? It’s a mystery iron with a TaylorMade badge on the toe.

If Fleetwood continues to perform at TPC Harding Park — he was five under at the time this post was published — it won’t be a mystery for much longer.

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