PXG’s all-new 0317 T irons: 5 things you need to know

PXG 0317 T irons

PXG's newest 0317 T iron

Ryan Barath

Realizing not everyone has the time to consume every piece of content on club launch days, we’re doing something different and offering a fresh version of our detailed tech write-ups that hits the high points. Here’s what you need to know about PXG’s newest 0317 T irons.

Continuing to be different

PXG has always done things a little differently. Whether through their product cycles or the way they approach the golf industry as a whole, their ability to stand unique in a golf club business that was becoming increasingly homogenized has helped them become who they are today.

PXG 0317 T iron set
The 0317 T irons might look like a blade, but they’re packed with technology. Ryan Barath

Now speaking of different, the launch of the 0317 T irons sets them apart again. The “T” is the first hollow-body iron PXG has introduced into their 0317 line. (Little info nugget: 0317 is the Military Occupational Specialty number for a scout sniper, which is used to identify PXG’s precision players iron line.)

It used to be that the smaller hollow-body iron lived under the more game-improvement-focused 0311 line, but the release of the Gen6 series and the popularity of the 0317 ST and CB irons mean the smallest 0311 iron is officially dead and will now be part of the better player focused line moving forward.

Design your own set

Although you might not actually be designing a set of irons from scratch, by the time you’ve built your next set of PXG 0317 irons, it’s going to feel like it.

PXG 0317 T Custom Irons

Meet the ultimate tour performance players iron. PXG 0317 T Irons are built for highly skilled golfers craving workability with a boost of forgiveness. With a hollow-bodied design and stabilizing S COR™ polymer core, these irons increase spin performance, improve distance control and overall consistency. The compact head shape has a slightly larger profile for enhanced MOI and mishit forgiveness. XTREME SHOT MAKING Small workable club head design increases the player’s control over the clubface. HIGH SPIN PERFORMANCE Proprietary S COR™ material increases stability and limits face movement during impact which produces higher spin rate performance. SUPERIOR DISTANCE CONTROL Thin face hollow bodied construction delivers very consistent distance control for highly skilled players. EXCELLENT SOUND AND FEEL 3X Forged 8620 soft carbon steel
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Thanks to the incorporation of the T into the 0317 line, the looks fit in tandem with the CB and ST to offer golfers the ability to mix and match their ideal combo set from hollow body all the way down to short iron blades if desired.

0317 T V CB PXG
0317 T vs the 0317 CB (with custom ferrule) Ryan Barath

PXG has always used this method of designing iron sets and series, but by clearly separating the players irons from the more game-improvement clubs, it’s easier for consumers and fitters alike to arrive at the best answer for themselves.

Familiar yet distinct

The players iron category is well-defined by smaller head shapes and thinner toplines, and the designers at PXG understand this well. They have engineered the 0317 T iron in a way that helps it look smaller at address while still providing a boosted MOI (an extra 11% compared to the CB and 14% from the ST blade) and extra ball speed from the super-thin maraging steel face and injected hollow core.

0317 T and CB iron soles PXG
Sole geometry flows through the 0317 line – T vs CB iron on the right. Ryan Barath

The 3X forged and milled body and robotic polishing process help dial in exact weights for each head to provide extremely tight tolerances right from manufacturing.

Always custom

PXG is all about customization, and whether you’re working with a local fitter or entering a PXG retail location, it is important to remember that PXG doesn’t make men’s, women’s or senior-targeted clubs — they make clubs designed to fit any golfer.

PXG 0317 T weight
The precision weighting on the PXG 0317 T Ryan Barath

A big part of the customization process is the centrally located back weight on the 0317 T irons, which became a part of their irons going back to the Gen4 series. This weight and tight tolerances allow them to easily adjust the clubhead weight to the required specs. So whether you need under-length or over-length clubs, or you just prefer a specific swing weight, PXG can do that with the 0317 T.

Technology first

The 0317 T irons bring together a number of key technologies to deliver superb feel and pair it with forgiveness and shot-stopping power.

0317 T iron back
0317 T iron cavity. Ryan Barath

First off is a thin maraging steel face that helps save weight from the front of the club to be better positioned around the head to increase forgiveness. Forgiveness is boosted further thanks to a newly positioned internal tungsten weight in the toe to reduce twisting on toe strikes and help perfectly center the sweet spot behind the center of the grooves.

The final piece of the puzzle is the new S Cor material (“S” is for stability) to support the thin face and tune the vibrations and frequencies of the head to deliver the signature soft PXG feel. S Cor is used in the 0317 T rather than the X Cor2 that is found in the Gen6 irons because the S Cor helps produce a lower initial launch angle with slightly higher spin rate performance to enhance control for better players.

Pricing and availability

The PXG 0317 T irons are now available online and at PXG stores across the country. They are priced starting at $169.99 per club with a stock steel or graphite shaft option.

PXG 0317 T iron specs
PXG 0317 iron specs PXG

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