ClubTest 2022: 7 new PXG irons tested and reviewed

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Read our complete reviews of PXG irons below.

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This year’s ClubTest is bigger and better than ever. To help you make sense of the mountain of high-tech new clubs on the market, we put all of the latest offerings from the top golf club manufacturers to the ultimate test. Below you will find the test results and complete reviews of seven new PXG iron models.

You can find the full list of ClubTest iron reviews here.

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PXG 0211 ST

We tested: 4-PW

Our take: There’s a lot to love about the 0211 ST irons, but we’ll start with the traditional look at address. “These irons have a traditional looks with a thuddy sound,” one tester said. “They’ve got more weight on the heel than I expected, but it helps me turn over with ease.” We’ll take that assessment any day — especially for those who lose it out to the right often.

pxg 0211 st irons

PXG 0211 ST irons

A super-thin face, angled top rail that removes weight from the topline so it can be repositioned toward the toe, and DualCOR system that uses soft and firm polymers for better energy transfer and stability, make these irons fun to play.

The details: The 0211 STs feature a triple forged, solid-body for feel and workability in a sleek design. But even though they are blades, the repositioning of the mass throughout the clubhead provides increased overall MOI, for optimal forgiveness within the traditional look.

PXG 0211 Z

We tested: 6-SW

Our take: PXG is no longer just a brand for the avid golfer, thanks to their 0211 Z series, which caters to novices and beginners. “The club glides through the turf like a hybrid,” one tester said. “I could see how someone who was starting out would look this look. It’s easy to hit and does what it intends to do.” These clubs are high-flying and easy to hit, perfect for someone just getting into the game.

pxg 0211 z iron

PXG 0211 Z hybrid-iron set

Designed for players new to the game or the occasional golfer, PXG 0211 Z Hybrid-Irons offer a unique, hollow-bodied construction that incorporates the distance producing technology of a hybrid and the trajectory of an iron.

The details: These hybrid-irons offer a unique design that’s engineered to make them high-launching and as forgiving as possible. They have a large, hollow-body profile to promote distance, and severe back weighting to improve height on shots hit across the face. They also feature a groove between the front and back to help define the topline and the sole, and the weighting of the heads are placed strategically for ultimate height and forgiveness.

PXG 0211 DC

We tested: 0211: 4-LW; 0211 ST: 4-PW

Our take: The 0211 DC irons aren’t quite as blade-y as their ST counterparts, but they still offer a beautiful top-line look for confidence at address. “These irons feel so good. I wouldn’t change a damn thing about them,” one tester said. “No doubt as soon as these are in my bag, I’ll be taking money from my buddies.” We like that confidence.

PXG 0211 iron

PXG 0211 DC irons

A super-thin face, angled top rail that removes weight from the topline so it can be repositioned toward the toe, and DualCOR system that uses soft and firm polymers for better energy transfer and stability, make these irons fun to play.

The details: There’s plenty of tech in these irons, starting with a maraging steel face that PXG calls the “thinnest face in golf,” and an angled top rail that removes weight from the topline so it can be repositioned toward the toe. They also feature the Dual COR system for better energy transfer and stability throughout the bag.

PXG 0311 P

We tested: 3-GW

Our take: We couldn’t be more impressed by these irons, but don’t just take our word for it. “It has to be the best club in the world.” one tester said. “I can’t believe how good it is. Whenever you hit a bad shot, you still get something out of it. Looks good, does good.” Now that’s high praise.

pxg 0311 p iron

PXG 0311 P irons

PXG 0311 P GEN4 Irons are the best irons we’ve ever made. Designed to appeal to a wide range golfers who are looking for the holy grail of golf clubs, 0311 P Irons offer the ideal blend of distance, workability, and forgiveness for killer performance and more fun on the course.

The details: The 0311 P irons are fit with proprietary XCOR technology made specifically for PXG irons. The polymer material is highly compressible and makes for a massive sweet spot. Additionally, Gen4 irons has Precision Weighting Technology, featuring a large weight near the back of the clubhead that can be adjusted in two-gram increments during the fitting process.

PXG 0311 XP

We tested: 3-GW

Our take: These 0311 XP (Xtreme Performance) are made for mid-to-high handicappers and, like others in the 0311 Gen4 line, got the stamp of approval from out testers. “These clubs raise my launch, but not overly aggressive,” one tester said. “The spin was nicely controlled, it and never felt like a miss was going to hurt me.”

pxg 0311 xp irons

PXG 0311 XP irons

PXG 0311 XP GEN4 Irons will blow your mind with just one swing. Designed to deliver Xtreme Performance by every measure, these incredible irons are made for golfers seeking exceptional forgiveness and maximum distance to help lower their scores.

The details: The 0311 XP are geared for extreme forgiveness, which they achieve through more offset and a wider sole. The clubs also come with an ultra-thin face, XCOR Technology, and Precision Weighting Technology.

PXG 0311 T

We tested: 3-GW

Our take: The tour version of PXG’s Gen4 iron lineup are visual stunners. “These have the best looks by far,” one tester said. “Confidence inspiring is the thing that comes to mind. Like that you can’t see the tech, but it’s definitely there. Launching in the perfect window.” Combine that with the proven tech PXG is known for and you’ve got a winner.

pxg 0311 t iron

PXG 0311 T irons

PXG 0311 T GEN4 Irons incorporate our most advanced technology and innovations to date, wrapped in a tour-inspired design that delivers unmatched distance and accuracy. Our five-times forged 0311 T Irons are ideal for players looking for maximum workability and more forgiveness in a blade-style head.

The details: The 0311 T irons feature all the great tech found in the other Gen4 irons — new XCOR material, Precision Weighting Technology, ultra-thin face — but is packaged with a look that high-level players prefer. A thin sole and less offset also allows for maximum workability.

PXG 0311 ST

We tested: 3-GW

Our take: Want to hit what the pros hit? Then the 0311 STs are for your. The “ST” stands for “super tour,” and if you don’t have that type of game … well, maybe you should try a different set of sticks. These are for full-time hitters.

pxg 0311 st iron

PXG 0311 ST irons

hey talked. We listened. PXG 0311 ST GEN4 Blades were inspired by our tour professionals. These sleek, triple-forged blades are crafted for skilled golfers who crave greater workability, enhanced control, and a mind-blowing feel.

The details: As with all of PXG’s Gen4 irons, a large interchangeable weight in the back cavity of the 0311 Gen4 ST heads allows fitters to adjust weight in the head, helping to manipulate performance and feel. The irons also have varied head designs throughout the set. Short irons (8-GW) have thin top lines and narrow soles for ultimate control and workability. The mid irons (6 & 7) also have thin top lines, but the sole is a bit wider for more forgiveness. And when you get to the long irons, they have a larger top line and cavity backs to get even more mis-hit forgiveness.

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