ClubTest 2021: Miura MB-101 irons

For ClubTest 2021, we tested and reviewed 52 new irons to help you find the right set for your game. (For more on our testing process, click here.) Below are the results for the Miura MB-101 irons. You can find the full list of irons and test results here.

Miura MB-101


Our take: Better players demand clubs that perform precisely to their shotmaking specifications. They want irons that are controllable, predictable and that generate the trajectories they need to dial in their distances—not to the yard but sometimes to the foot. The MB-101s are engineered to do just that. They are forged and built with extreme craftsmanship unparalleled in the game today.

Miura MB-101

The Miura MB-101 is ideal for the player that seeks a true blade. This iron was designed to continue the legacy of Miura blades. The Miura MB-101 incorporates the best characteristics of early Miura designs and models. The subtle refinements to the sole allow the club to travel effortlessly through the turf. The sole width and face thickness have been optimized (from the MB-001) allowing for heightened feel and feedback.

The details: Forged from soft carbon steel, the MB-101 uses some of the best features of earlier Miura iron models with subtle refinements to make the sole drift across the turf with less friction. Additionally, the sole width and face thickness have been optimized (when compared to the older MB-001), allowing for even better feel and feedback.

Where to buy it: Click here. Or better yet, get fit for the irons by the experts at our sister company, True Spec Golf.

See the Miura MB-101 irons from every angle…

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