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FIRST LOOK: Miura’s new TC-201 forged cavity-back irons

January 13, 2020

Miura’s new TC-201 forged cavity-back irons are designed to have the playability of a blade iron, but with more forgiveness. They also draw on inspiration from a popular past design.

Inspired by Miura’s CB-1008 irons — the company’s top-selling irons in Japan — the TC-201 irons have shallow cavities and sharp toplines. They’re forged from S25C soft carbon in the company’s Himeji, Japan factory, and they’re designed by Shinei and Yoshitaka Miura.

“The TC-201s are a cavity back five years in the making,” Miura’s CEO Hoyt McGarity said. “They are a testament to the Miura family’s dedication to perfection in craftsmanship, and are the most anticipated Miura irons in recent memory.”


Each of the irons has weight added to the heel and toe sections of the back cavities to help with shots hit off-center. The TC-201 long irons, however, have more weight in those areas to add forgiveness. They also have a lower center of gravity (CG) to help golfers produce higher ball flights. The short irons, on the other hand, have higher CG designs to produce lower trajectories and greater control.

While the TC-201 irons have more forgiveness than Miura’s MB-101 blade irons, they have minimal offset and a smooth connection from hosel to topline for a blade-like appearance. They also have progressive weighting throughout the set for the proper feel from iron-to-iron.

The new TC-201 irons, available in 3-PW, are selling for $300 per iron at authorized club fitters.

Miura and GOLF.com are operated by the same holding company, 8AM Golf.

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