FIRST LOOK: Callaway’s Paradym irons and hybrids flip the switch on performance

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Irons and hybrids are all about combining the ability to maximize distance with better accuracy. With the new Paradym and Paradym X irons and hybrids, Callaway has delivered on those goals and more.

Unlike with the Paradym drivers and fairway woods, there are only two options for the irons and hybrids: the standard Paradym model to fit the majority of golfers, and the Paradym X to help those in need of some extra forgiveness. Golfers that fit into the Triple Diamond driver and fairway models are most likely going to find better success with the Apex line when it comes to irons but will find a lot of success with the standard Paradym hybrid thanks to the improved fitting and adjustable options.

Paradym irons

Callaway paradym irons
The Callaway Paradym and Paradym X irons Jonathan Wall

The Paradym and Paradym X irons are designed to offer the best combination of feel and distance by pairing Callaway’s Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) face technology with a forged 455 material. 

Each iron face is uniquely optimized through A.I. based on parameters set by the engineers to deliver more ball speed and higher launch through the set — because you don’t hit your 9-iron and 5-iron the same way.

Paradym iron faces
Callaway Paradym and ParadymX iron faces Jonathan Wall

Both the Paradym and Paradym X irons feature a hollow body with what Callaway dubs Speed Frame construction. The frame adds support to the face for extra ball speed on off-center hits and also allows the structure to be made thinner to free up mass.

The best way to think of the back of Paradym iron is like a frame brace on a supercar to stabilize the body with the least amount of mass.

Audi R8 Frame brace
The frame brace on an Audi R8 in designed to maximize rigidity while also being lightweight Audi

By removing mass that would generally be placed higher in a hollow body iron, the Paradym has the ability to launch it higher with a more stable spin window.

With all of these strong and rigid materials, the last piece of the iron puzzle is feel. Callaway achieves a soft sound and feel thanks to their patented Urethane Microspheres which encapsulate the internal tungsten weights placed low in the head to enhance launch conditions and increase stability.

Both the Paradym and Paradym X irons are $200/club or $1,400 for a standard 7-piece set and will be available at retail starting Feb. 24, 2023. Pick up all your new gear at Fairway Jockey.

Callaway Paradym iron
Callaway Paradym iron face
Callaway Paradym iron at address
Callaway Paradym X iron
Callaway Paradym X iron face
Callaway Paradym X iron at address

Callaway Paradym, Paradym X Irons

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Paradym hybrids

Callaway paradym hybrds
The Paradym hybrids come in 2 models Jonathan Wall

With the hybrids, Callaway has completely changed the shaping to offer greater versatility along with a more rounded wood-like shape compared to the lower heel and higher toe profile in the past.

Callaway hybrids paradym address
Callaway Paradym hybrid is now much more wood like in shape Jonathan Wall

Just like the fairway wood adjustability, this hybrid shape change was a direct result of requests from players looking for better blending into the longer clubs, and from an engineering standpoint, it helps the adjustable hosel blend more seamlessly into the head. 

Paradym hybrid face
The AI face design improve consistency on mishits Jonathan Wall

The hybrids offer all the same technology as the fairway woods, including a new A.I. Jailbreak Batwing Structure to push mass away from the face for increased MOI and total body rigidity, along with a Cutwave Sole designed to help get the club through a variety of turf conditions.

Paradym hybrid sole
Paradym’s CutWave sole design Jonathan Wall

What this adds up to is Callaway’s most versatile and adjustable hybrid to date. 

Both Callaway Paradym hybrid models are $299 each and will be available at retail starting Feb. 24, 2023. Pick up all your new gear at Fairway Jockey.

Callaway Paradym hybrid
Callaway Paradym hybrid at address
Callaway Paradym hybrid face
Callaway Paradym X hybrid
Callaway Paradym X hybrid at address
Callaway Paradym X hybrid face

Callaway Paradym and Paradym X Hybrids

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