I Tried It: Big Max’s new Blade Trio push cart is the ultimate space-saver

Big Max Blade Trio

The Big Max Blade Trio push cart is compact and convenient.

Courtesy of Big Max

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It wasn’t long ago that I considered myself a golf-cart-exclusive golfer. That is, with my college golf days long behind me, I preferred seated, drivable rounds in a cart to schlepping my bag on my shoulder. I never even considered pushing or pulling my bag.

But a magical round at Pinehurst in November 2021 showed me just how enjoyable walking with a push cart can be. Thanks to updated technology and ergonomic designs, ferrying my bag around the course was a breeze. I was hooked, and eager to put my riding days behind me.

Living in Arizona, this isn’t always prudent, especially in the summer heat. But having a push cart of your own goes a long way. Green fees are cheaper (no cart fee!), and walking really does wonders for your rhythm, not to mention your mental acuity.

That’s why I was thrilled to test out the latest model from Big Max, the Blade Trio. Big Max already has a stellar reputation overseas, as Europe’s top push-cart brand, and I was eager to see why.

BIG MAX Blade Trio

The Blade Trio is the latest evolution of BIG MAX flat-fold technology and sets new standards in functionality.

The first thing I appreciated about the Blade Trio was the fact that the cart arrived almost fully assembled. All I had to do was attach the wheels. Easy peasy — especially on the tail end of a holiday season that involved hours of practice putting Power Wheels together for my kids.

The cart’s No. 1 selling point for me is an obvious one: it’s ultra-compact foldability. All it takes is a couple of pushed levers to collapse the cart into a very convenient and flat rectangle. I loved how it clicked into place, making storage and transport in and out of the car a simple task. At less than 15 lbs., it’s also an easy lift with just one hand.

The Blade Trio’s bag-latching mechanisms are also ultra-secure, with tight brackets on top and an elastic cord keeping the bag in place at the base. The cart is also available in five color combos — a welcome respite from the ubiquitious black. I went with grey/charcoal.

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In terms of performance, the cart functioned very well. You can easily adjust the height on the handle to make the push comfortable and customized, and the wheels moved smoothly. A large storage compartment in the front can accommodate balls, tees, and a rangefinder, but overfilling it, as I tried to do with my small crossbody bag and a Yeti water bottle, upset the cart’s balance and caused it to tip forward. (Hanging my bag on the cart’s handle and storing the water bottle in my bag solved the problem.) While a cupholder is not included with the Blade Trio, Big Max sells one that you can attach to the side of the cart, and is likely a wise purchase.

If, like me, you tend to bring a lot of things with you for a round, Big Max’s net basket, which can be affixed to the bottom of the cart, is another accessory add-on that would be worthwhile. I’m used to removing my headcovers and tossing them aside for the round, but without a designated place to put them, I had to make sure they were put back on each club after using it so I didn’t lose them, which is probably a good habit to establish anyway.

Overall, the cart’s easy storage and portability has made it a much-loved piece of new gear in the short time I’ve had it, and I’m looking forward to logging more walking rounds with it in the months to come.

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