ClubTest 2022: 4 new Tour Edge hybrids tested and reviewed

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Read our full reviews of the latest Tour Edge hybrids below.


This year’s ClubTest is bigger and better than ever. To help you make sense of the mountain of high-tech new clubs on the market, we put all of the latest offerings from the top golf club manufacturers to the ultimate test. Below you will find the test results and complete reviews of latest hybrids from Tour Edge.

You can find the full list of ClubTest hybrid reviews here.

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Tour Edge C522

We tested: 19°, 22°, 25°, 28°

Our take: The Diamond Face 2.0 and 360° cupface designs are the real deal here, helping make the C522 hybrid not only super forgiving, but super-long as well. This means carrying fewer long irons in the bag (why bother with them?) and more attacking the pin on long par-3s thanks to a higher ballflight and a softer, more vertical landing angle.

Tour Edge C522 hybrids

The Tour Edge Hot Launch C522 Hybrids feature Diamond Face 2.0, a major breakthrough in face technology. Diamond Face consists of 39 “mini-trampolines” behind the face which flex and rebound to rocket the ball of the club head for explosive ball speed and distance.

The details: Diamond Face 2.0 acts as “mini trampolines” for greater forgiveness and more ballspeed, while the rear weight placement boost the MOI for less resistance to twisting and greater stability. Other features include A.R.C Acoustic Engineering for a better sound and soft but solid feel and a Power Channel behind the clubface for even greater distance.

Tour Edge E522

We tested: 19°, 22°, 25°, 28°

Our take: this is a hybrid made for players who need three things: slice control, a quicker/higher launch and more distance. Luckily, the E522 delivers on all three, with much the same technology found in the E522 woods and driver. We anticipated higher shots (got them), fewer slices (it definitely reduced ours) and found that it was easy to hit the ball further because we felt as though we could swing a little faster. That’s what we call a win-win-win.

Tour Edge E522 hybrids

The Hot Launch E522 Hybrids feature Tour Edge’s Houdini Sole Design, which includes an area of mass concentrated on the trailing edge of the sole, as well as a curved leading edge under the face.

The details: Comes with Diamond Face 2.0 for more energy transfer back into the golf ball for more distance and greater forgiveness on off-center hits, a shallow/low-profile clubshape to help push the CG down and hit higher shots, and finally, an offset design to fight slices and help golfers hit straighter, more consistent shots.

Tour Edge Exotics E722

We tested: 17°, 19°, 21°, 23°

Our take: The RyzerSole tech is for real, helping to reduce turf interaction while at the same time, producing a low and forward center of gravity for a high-launch/optimized-spin ballflight. It works wonders come time to maneuver the ball, as the E722 made it a cinch to hit or low fades and draws—all while still maintaining a forgiving clubface to retain that added power.

Tour Edge Exotics E722 hybrids

The Tour Edge Exotics E722 Hybrids are loaded with technology for extreme forgiveness and distance. The aforementioned technology begins with the hybrid’s RyzerSole. RyzerSole includes a sole rail and added weight that extends from the leading edge to the trailing edge of the club.

The details: The aforementioned RyzerSole extends weight from leading edge to trailing edge for better stability and for producing a low and forward center of gravity. Also comes with an adjustable 10-gram weight is located behind the clubface for less spin and greater flight versatility and trajectory fine-tuning. Lastly, the new Diamond Face VFT tech and Maraging Steel clubface boost ballspeed from more points on the face with added forgiveness.

Tour Edge Exotics Pro 721

We tested: 17°, 18°, 19°, 20°

Our take: This is a hybrid for the golfer who wants to dial in a very specific shotshape with his/her hybrid shots, as it comes in not only 1° differentials in loft models, but also adjustable weights for a custom ballflight. Its compact design allows for more shotmaking versatility and the player-preferred shape with a taller face helps better players, again, shape more shots. As for us, our experience with the Pro 721 was enlightening. It may be the most maneuverable hybrid we’ve tried as of late.

Tour Edge Exotics Pro 721 hybrids

The Exotics Pro 721 Hybrid ultra-compact shape was designed to be the most iron-like hybrid on the market. It features tour-inspired shape with a tour-prototype look and feel that features a new matte finish on the crown.

The details: The Diamond Face 2.0 tech is here to boost the springiness of the clubface for a hotter, more powerful energy transfer back into the ball. The player-profile shape has a deeper face for greater shotmaking versatility and lower spin for added control. Comes with a Flight Tuning System to manipulate the heel and toe weights for a customized ballflight. Again, comes, in four loft options separated by only 1-degree, for an even more precise fit.

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