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TaylorMade unveils new 2019 TP5 and TP5x golf balls

January 3, 2019

If you’re thinking the new TaylorMade  TP5 and TP5x golf balls ($44.99/dozen) are just incrementally improved versions of the outstanding 2017 models, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Though both models still feature a unique five-layer design, the big change is the use of a new HFM (High-Flex Material) that allowed TaylorMade designers to effectively decouple speed and spin. What this means for golfers are golf balls that offer a soft core without any loss of speed or distance. Here’s a rundown of the keys to the new TP5 and TP5x design:

Tri-Fast Core

As the name suggests, the Tri-Fast core is made up of three elements including a low-compression inner core, outer core and mantle layer that become progressively stiffer as they move away from the inner core. The result of the unique design is less drag, more carry, and longer overall shots.

HFM and Speed-Layers

The aforementioned HFM, which is exceptionally fast and spring-like through impact, is used in a new Speed-Layer design with four layers that are increasingly stiff. The unique design produces more energy at impact by increasing force on the driver face, further activating the club’s COR and speed.

A better look at the core design for TaylorMade's TP5 and TP5x golf balls.
A better look at the core design for TaylorMade’s TP5 and TP5x golf balls.

Dual-Spin Cover

An exceptionally soft cast urethane outer cover is combined with an inner cover that’s 30 percent stiffer than in the previous models, creating more spin and control on short shots due while improving interaction with wedge grooves. The outer cover also features greatly improved durability due to a new urethane mixture and paint formula.

Compression Differences

For those wondering which model to select, the TP5 features a lower compression (85) and softer overall feel and also launches lower on iron shots. The TP5 also delivers slightly higher spin rates on approach shots in the scoring zone. In contrast, the TP5x has a firmer feel (97 compression) and produces higher launch angles on full iron shots. At the moment, the folks at TaylorMade expect Rory McIlroy and Beau Hossler to game the TP5 while Dustin Johnson, Jason Day, and Jon Rahm are expected to play the TP5x.

To make sure you get the correct ball for your game, you can visit myFittingEXP.com to schedule a ball fitting with one of 55 dedicated TaylorMade fitters.

The new TP5 and TP5x golf balls will be available at retail on February 15th.

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