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Next best thing: Future golf balls will be even more complete

December 26, 2018

Golf’s future isn’t just in the hands of Tour newbies like Joaquin Niemann, Sam Burns and Cameron ChampThis season —and for seasons to come — the sport is going to look, feel and play different. Here are our picks for the best and brightest players, personalities and technology to look forward to in 2019 and beyond.

NEXT BEST THING: Future golf balls will be even more complete

The days of having to choose between a rock-hard ball for distance and a super-soft Tour model for control are mostly over, but Jason Finley of Callaway says new materials and manufacturing techniques will make future golf balls even more complete.

“We recently used graphene to improve the core of our Chrome Soft to make it longer while maintaining Tour-level short-game performance. Down the road you’ll see new materials allow manufacturers to create balls that are even longer but spin like crazy.”

Too good to be true? Finley says technology that enhances the ability to follow the ball in flight and improve alignment on putts and full shots is around the corner. “As we learn more about the science of how players’ vision works, the more able we’ll be to make products that direct the eyes in ways most conducive to improved performance.”

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