Custom golf ball guide: 7 golf-ball brands that offer customization

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All major golf ball brands offer golf ball personalization in one way or another.


A golfer’s golf ball of choice is always personal, but custom golf balls take the level of personalization to a whole other level.

While it’s essential to play the golf ball that fits your specific game best, and it’s always smart to go through a custom ball fitting to determine exactly which model that is, custom golf balls give players the chance to add some sentimental or humorous flare to their setups.

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Golf balls to be rolled back — for both professionals and amateurs
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Fortunately, most of the major golf ball manufacturers offer golf ball customization in one way or another. It’s likely you can get your favorite ball personalized with your initials, a text message or joke, a corporate logo, special numbers and more.

Below we lay out the custom golf ball options from seven different brands, including Bridgestone, Callaway, PXG, Srixon, TaylorMade, Titleist and Vice Golf (brands are listed in alphabetical order).

So scroll down and find out exactly how to get your favorite golf balls customized to your liking.

Bridgestone custom golf balls

Bridgestone Golf is a popular choice among PGA Tour pros like Tiger Woods, and the company offers extensive golf ball customization for their products, including custom logos and personalized text.

You can get Bridgestone custom golf balls with one or two 7/8″ color logos, making use of up to six colors. The minimum order size for custom golf balls with logos is 12 dozen (144 balls), and Bridgestone recommends you allow 15-20 business days for production.

Bridgestone also offers single or double personalized text for their custom golf balls. The text comes in block lettering, and you can use of maximum of three lines of copy with 17 characters per line. Color options include black, blue, red and green. The minimum order size is smaller, just one dozen balls, but you should still expect 15-20 days for your balls to get made.

If you want to go all out, you can get a custom logo and custom text for Bridgestone balls, along with custom packaging for additional fees.

Bridgestone Tour B XS Tiger Woods Edition Golf Balls

The TOUR B XS Tiger Woods Edition golf ball is a collaboration between Bridgestone Golf and Tiger Woods to allow golfers to play the exact ball Tiger uses in competition. From the unmistakable ‘TIGER’ side stamp to each ball having a number 1, this is the exact golf ball Tiger tees up. From a performance perspective, the TOUR B XS-TW edition balls are identical to the standard TOUR B XS model. FEATURES: The NEW TOUR B with REACTIV iQ is THE SMARTER TOUR BALL Proprietary NEW REACTIV iQ is a SMART cover technology that reacts to the force of impact MORE DISTANCE: REACTIV iQ rebounds quickly on tee shots, delivering explosive velocity and increased distance MORE CONTROL: REACTIV iQ stays on the face longer on approach shots, providing more spin and soft feel around the green Dual Dimple technology provides efficient trajectory and reduced drag through enhanced aerodynamics TIGER WOODS EDITION TOUR B XS features TIGER commemorative packaging, TIGER side stamp, and 1 as player number – the exact same ball played by Tiger Woods in competition The TOUR B XS with REACTIV iQ delivers increased ball speed for MAXIMUM DISTANCE off the tee and a SOFT FEEL and INCREASED SPIN for CONTROL on approach shots Bridgestone Golf is the #1 BALL FITTER IN GOLF: The TOUR B XS is ideal for players with swing speeds OVER 105 MPH who want additional spin TIGER WOODS assisted in the development of the NEW TOUR B XS, and he plays it in professional competition
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Callaway custom golf balls

Callaway offers golf ball customization for select models, which include most of their most popular balls.

Callaway custom golf balls options include a custom message of up to three lines, with up to 20 characters on each line. Callaway offers eight different text color options as well.

Other options include Straightline, which consists of your initials with a dash on each side, or TargetLine, with your initials appearing inside a target sight.

The best news? Callaway offers free personalization for the holidays.

Callaway 2022 Chrome Soft Golf Balls

Chrome Soft is better for everyone, from amateurs to major winners. Now with our proprietary new Precision Technology, the Chrome Soft Golf Ball is longer through the bag while providing the signature soft feel that golfers love. *Shipping charges on all golf balls. See final total at checkout.
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PXG custom golf balls

While PXG doesn’t offer traditional personalization for its popular PXG Xtreme golf ball model, they do offer officially-licensed models from four branches of the U.S. military.

You can get your PXG balls stamped with the logo for the U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps or the U.S. Air Force.

PXG Xtreme Premium Golf Balls

New PXG Xtreme Premium Golf Balls deliver big distance, snappy green-grabbing control, and a slick new alignment aid to help you sink more putts. PRODUCT DETAILS High C.O.R. polybutadiene core created for high-speed performance Firm ionomer mantle layer engineered to increase speed and distance off the tee Soft urethane bright white outer cover designed to maximize spin and control for your approach shots and around the green with exceptional durability 338 dimple pattern engineered to deliver aerodynamic characteristics designed to maximize distance with a high penetrating trajectory
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Srixon custom golf balls

You can get a limited number of Srixon golf ball models customized to your liking.

Srixon’s options for customization include custom play numbers, custom logos and three lines of custom text with five different color options.

Srixon Z-STAR 8 2023 Golf Balls

To push the limits of your game, you need a ball with all the right ingredients. That’s why the entire Z-STAR Series was designed to deliver tour-level distance, control and feel, from tee to green. Starring a reformulated FastLayer DG Core and improved Spin Skin+ coating, you, too, can experience the formula trusted by Major Champions when wins are on the line. FASTLAYER DG CORE The trade-off is age-old: hard cores are fast, soft cores are slow. But the firmer a golf ball, the harsher it feels at impact, which can reduce your confidence when the pressure is on. That’s why our new FastLayer DG Cores are soft at the center and get firmer from the inside out. The contrasting compression helps them rebound quicker off the face for incredible distance while still providing exceptional feel. NEW SPIN SKIN+ COATING This micronic layer of specialized urethane increases the cover’s degree of friction for even more spin and control. THIN, PREMIUM COVER Every Z-STAR Series golf ball features an extra thin, thermoplastic urethane cover to provide tour-level stopping power around the greens. SPEED DIMPLE PATTERN With their deep dimensions, the 338 Speed Dimples on each Z-STAR Series golf ball punch through air for a penetrating launch. Once aloft, the dimples generate lift, driving the ball upward toward its peak and maximizing glide distance during descent. When conditions get tough and the winds reach high speeds, the 338 Speed Dimples’ low drag coefficient helps the ball stay on target through the moving air and maintain distance in headwinds. Swing Speed: 90+ mph Launch: Mid Construction: 3-Piece Cover Material: Urethane Cover Thickness: 0.6mm Compression: 92 Dimple Number: 338
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TaylorMade custom golf balls

TaylorMade’s MySymbol golf ball customization program allows you to get your TaylorMade balls decked out with pretty much whatever you want.

Options include custom play numbers, custom text messages, custom logos and over 100 pre-made symbols to choose from.

Golf ball models available for customization include the TaylorMade TP5x MySymbol, the TaylorMade TP5 MySymbol and the TaylorMade Tour Response MySymbol.

TaylorMade TP5x Pix Golf Balls

TOUR VALIDATED VISUAL TECHNOLOGY From the unmatched style and performance of Rickie Fowler comes the Tour-validated performance of pix with ClearPath Alignment™. INNOVATION YOU CAN SEE ClearPath Alignment™ is the most innovative visual technology in the game. Not only does it enhance visibility, but it also provides Tour-proven functionality to aid alignment on the green and help you gauge the quality of your putting stroke. The only way to see it is to play it. TOUR INSPIRATION We teamed with Rickie Fowler to develop a ball that reflects his swagger and delivers the performance he demands. Inspired by the results, fellow OSU Cowboy Matthew Wolff made the switch to pix™ and never looked back. INCREASED AERODYNAMICS WITH NEW TOUR FLIGHT DIMPLE PATTERN The all-new Tour Flight Dimple Pattern unlocks the next level of aerodynamics while still promoting maximum carry distances and a steep angle of descent for stopping power, especially on long irons. IMPROVED GREENSIDE SPIN & FEEL While maintaining the formula that makes TP5x a leader in speed and distance, we’ve added a softer cast urethane cover for increased groove interaction on greenside shots for more spin and improved feel.
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Titleist custom golf balls

Makers of the ever-popular Pro V1, Titleist golf ball users can get any of the company’s ball models personalized.

As with many other brands, your options include personalized text, custom logos, custom packaging or a special play number.

Titleist 2023 Pro V1 Golf Balls

Pro V1 is the optimal premium performance choice for most players, and the most played ball model in golf. The Pro V1 is the choice of Scottie Scheffler, Jessica Korda and Max Homa, to name a few.

Vice custom golf balls

A lesser-known brand than some of the big-hitters, Vice Golf offers perhaps the most extensive personalization of any brand.

You can buy Vice Golf balls with single or double-sided customization, including personalized logos, text and even your favorite photo.

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