Has a PGA pro created the perfect pair of women’s golf pants?

November 10, 2019

In 2010, Emily Farrell, then an undergrad in the professional golf management program at Methodist University in Fayetteville, N.C., interned at a prestigious country club with a strict dress code. Like many women in the industry, she longed for something she could wear to work that was appropriately professional but also comfortable and stylish. Unfortunately, there was no such garment.

After graduating, Farrell went to work for Titleist in Fairhaven, Mass.. She spent eight years there before returning to her roots as an assistant pro at an exclusive Boston-area country club, where she commenced a new mission: In addition to rekindling her passion for teaching, Farrell was determined to use her merchandising expertise to create something she believed the golf market lacked: the perfect pair of pants for women.

“We have to wear pants. We can’t even wear a golf skirt or a dress,” Farrell told me the other day. She was speaking of the dress policy at her club. “With that, we have to have our phone tucked away at all times, just in case something comes up. I also wear a radio and I have to wear a belt. A lot of women’s pants don’t have that combination of enough storage, but then also something that looks presentable and professional and is comfortable.”

When it came to creating her own golf pants, Farrell knew exactly what she wants. “Feminine, fit, and function are my three words that I’m trying to drive home,” she said.

What to do next? Contacts in the golf industry led Farrell to a consultant, then to a technical designer, who turned her idea into reality: the Peggy Performance Pant. Abendroth Golf, Farrell’s fledgling apparel company, was born.

What sets Farrell’s pants apart? Storage, for one thing. Farrell’s design includes five pockets: two large pockets on the back, big enough to fit a scorecard, two front pockets, and a hidden zipper pocket that tucks away, and can comfortably fit and conceal an iPhone.

Abendroth Golf's first item: the Peggy Performance Pant.
Abendroth Golf's first item: the Peggy Performance Pant.

Comfort was another priority. Farrell opted for a four-way stretch, sweat-wicking fabric that she says is similar in its mobility to garments from Lululemon and Athleta. Finally, Farrell had to make a decision on tailoring. She thought a jogger-style bottom would be most functional, because morning dew can be a problem on the course, and it wreaks havoc on long pants.

She also included a zipper on each side the ankle to allow women a few different options. Farrell was able to wear-test a sample of the pants at her club throughout the hot and humid Boston summer. When she stayed comfortable and also stylish, she knew she was on to something.

The next step was raising enough capital to produce an initial production run. Farrell set up a Kickstarter campaign and met her funding goal in late October. Now, it’s full steam ahead. Farrell is now taking pre-sale orders for her remaining units, which will be fulfilled in March 2020. She has a three- and five-year plan for potential investors, and if she can raise enough money, she’s aiming to launch a different version of the pants next fall.

The initial run of the presale Peggy Professional Pant is available in two colors, Storm Grey and Navy Blazer, for $115. The price will go up to $136 in January for any remaining unsold units. For more information, visit Abendroth Golf’s website.

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