Disruptive apparel brand Bad Birdie unites with Michelob Ultra for limited edition series


Bad Birdie doesn’t care about your feelings — and it’s one of the best things about them.

The west coast-based polo company is setting out to disrupt the idea that pops into your mind when you think “traditional golf polo.” Their gear is head-turning and eye-catching. And truthfully, that’s the point — their ethos embodies the idea that golf is fun, and the clothes we wear to play it should be, too.

Their typical look often includes large graphics, fun florals, bright colors and unusual patterns. It’s an unorthodox strategy toward golf fashion, and one that places an onus upon the company to design products that remain classy and stylish. With that in mind, Bad Birdie’s collaboration with Michelob Ultra makes total sense. Their gear is the ideal attire to wear when you crack a cold one on the course with your buddies.

The brands have joined forces to create a limited capsule that includes a pretty sweet beer-themed polo with a very Bad Birdie-esque print, a rope cap, a hoodie, a golf towel and some headcovers. We’ve linked a few of our favorite items below, but head on over to Bad Birdie’s website to shop the complete capsule.

Ultrabad Polo

The perfect polo for your next buddies golf outing.

Ultrabad Rope Hat

The ultimate hat for the course, the big game, the beach, the tailgate, etc. etc. etc.

Ultrabad Towel

Just like the polo, this towel features a fun Michelob-themed print that you need on the bag if you’re known to crack a cold one on the first tee.

Emily Haas

Golf.com Contributor