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5 modern looks for any style of golfer to rock on the course

May 3, 2019

Every wardrobe starts somewhere. Where your golf closet is concerned, let the building begin with an age- and size-appropriate modern look. These five have you covered.


Jay Ruffin, 55 / Technology Strategy Consultant

Here’s a little secret only your stylist will tell you: More fabric means more you, so drop the baggy togs, my big and beautifuls! Embrace the stretch-twill pant or plain-front trouser and see if you don’t look and feel slimmer. Same goes for outerwear: Think “layered-and-lean birdie machine.”

Shirt: FootJoy Lisle Floral Print, $75; Pants: FootJoy Performance, $85; Sweater: FootJoy Double Jersey Mid-Layer Half-Zip, $139; Shoes: G/FORE Gallivanter Longwing, $225.

Hollis Bennett


Greg Richardson, 54 / Maxillofacial Surgeon

Vibrant colors permeate many modern golf lines, and you’ve reached the point in your life where you have the confidence to pull them off. Bright tops partner perfectly with a nice pair of straight-leg trousers, or try a five-pocket pant (think khaki jeans), which are built with a lighter, athletically inspired fabric. They may fit a little more snugly, but they still allow plenty of range of motion.

Shirt: G/FORE Rose Violet/Snow Polo, $125; Pants: G/FORE Technical Wool Trouser, $205; Shoes: G/FORE Tuxedo Gallivanter, $225.

Hollis Bennett


Tim Goodiel, 27 / Golf Assistant

Surf meets turf for many in the Millennial set. While West Coast–inspired casual is cool, it doesn’t mean sloppy. So go ahead and rock the monochromatic/bold-stripe shirt—just tuck it in! The key to pulling off the laid-back look is a few killer belts. Whether braided, suede or woven, pick up some in neutral colors. You’ll be dialed in on the first tee (but may look a little overdressed at the beach).

Shirt: Travis Mathew Heather Polo, $80; Pants: Travis Mathew Beckladdium Light, $105; Belt: Travis Mathew Goleta, $40; Shoes: Travis Mathew Tracers, $80, Hat: Travis Mathew Slider, $32; Vest: KJUS Retention, $249.

Hollis Bennett


Danna Raube, 40 / Financial Advisor

Ladies are lucky, because there’s so much more sophistication when it comes to our golf style. It can be fun (although sometimes tricky) to try and mix patterns. Hedge your bets by keeping two or three solid-color tops you can match with any fun, brightish print skirt or pant. Insider tip: If you can’t find a golf skirt that fits you well (especially you petites), visit your local tennis shop.

Sweater: Tory Sport Performance Cashmere Fairway Cardigan, $398; Shirt: Tory Sport Printed, $148; Shoes: Tory Sport-Golf ruffle sneaker, $248.

Hollis Bennett


Mark Poag, 67 / Commercial Business Owner

You’ve earned the right to wear whatever the hell you want, but I highly recommend investing in a lightweight, mid-layer top like this quarter-zip. Choose a solid, or hip it up a bit with a bolder print or textured fabric. These are perfect for cooler mornings/evenings, and work just fine for post-round cocktails. Yeah—you’ve earned those, too.

Pants: Peter Millar Technical EB66 5-pocket, $149; Shirt: Peter Millar Summer Comfort, $89; Sweater: Peter Millar Mid-Layer Quarter-Zip, $125; Shoes: G/FORE Gallivanter Longwing, $225.

Hollis Bennett