Training Aid of the Week: Perfect Practice Putting Mat


The Perfect Practice Putting Mat lives up to its name. It’s a 9’ 6” x 15” indoor putting surface that’s actually close to the feel of a real green and looks nice in your home. 

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By: Zephyr Melton

You might recognize it as the mat that took over social media during the quarantine in the spring. Pros and amateurs alike were (and still are) obsessed with this product! People love it because of its Crystal Velvet TrueRoll Technology that Stimps between 10 and 14 (depending on the underlying surface), so it actually rolls like a green.

It features two cups — one that’s regulation and one that’s slightly smaller and demands better accuracy. Train-track style alignment lines lead to each hole to give you a better gage of your putting line, and of course, it shows distances so you can practice any length putt within the mat’s range. The natural wood automatic ball return gives the whole mat an elevated feel, so it doesn’t look weird in your living room. Plus it’s functional because every putt rolls right back to you.

This product is the gold standard for at-home putting practice. As the weather begins to cool down this fall, the Perfect Practice Putting Mat will keep your short game sharp throughout the offseason. 

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Perfect Practice Putting Matt

9’ 6” x 15” indoor putting surface made with Crystal Velvet TrueRoll Technology with two cups and a natural wood automatic ball return.
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