Here’s how to get a free test golf grip from Lamkin Grips

February 18, 2020
Lamkin golf grips

Lamkin has long been known as one of the top grip manufacturers in golf since their origin nearly a century ago. In fact, this year they are celebrating their 95th anniversary, and want to celebrate by offering a free grip and installation for their loyal customer base.

To take part in “Upgrade with Lamkin,” go to their site and take a short quiz to identify which Lamkin grips work best for your game based on the weather conditions in which you play, your swing speed, and your preference for feel, tack and traction. I took the quiz and it literally took thirty seconds — definitely worth it for a free grip upgrade.

Once complete, you get a voucher for a free grip and with the help of an AI algorithm, you receive a few recommendations for grips based on your preferences from the quiz.

Based on your zipcode, the voucher also identifies the closest retailers to you who are participating in this program with Lamkin.

I was given the addresses of a few PGA Tour Superstores and Golf Galaxies in my region, so if you live near one of these big-box golf retailers, it’s likely they’ll be able to fulfill your order.

Once you make your way to one of these retailers, if you decide you like your grip a lot, Lamkin will give a second free grip to anyone who purchases and installs eight or more Lamkin grips on their clubs.

Do note that putter grips are not a part of the program, so this only impacts the other thirteen clubs in your bag. Fortunately, all of the new swinging grips for the 2020 year are included in “Upgrade with Lamkin” with no exclusions.