Golf Pride is flipping the script with Reverse Taper putter grip

Reverse Taper grip Golf Pride

Golf Pride's new Reverse Taper putter grip.

Golf Pride

Just like it takes two to tango, it takes two hands to grip a golf club. But how you grip the club can be as unique as your golf swing, which is why Golf Pride has spent countless hours trying to understand exactly how to build a better putter grip.

The end result? The new Reverse Taper grip.

Golf Pride reverse taper selection
The Reverse Taper grips come in three distinct shapes Golf Pride

What is Reverse Taper

As the name suggests, the new Reverse Taper putter grip series from Golf Pride changes the way putter grips are traditionally designed by placing the smaller portion in the top hand and the wider section in the bottom hand to reduce hand tension and help create extra stability.

This stability is designed to encourage golfers to have a more progressive acceleration through the putting stroke and hopefully eliminate the dreaded flip, caused by wrist angle breaking down.

golf pride reverse taper hands
The reverse taper grip is designed to help reduce wrist action and hand tension Golf Pride

“Within the putter grip category, we observed a trend in which manufacturers were actively trying to design products that removed the hands from the putting stroke, whereas our research indicates that by optimizing the connection between the hands and grip, players can improve their performance,” said James Ledford, president of Golf Pride. “Through hundreds of concept iterations, our innovation team created Reverse Taper, which has tested quite positively with players of all skill levels.”

Sizes and shapes

The Reverse Taper grips are available in three shapes and two sizes, and in a first for Golf Pride, are manufactured using polyurethane to allow the designers to hit the desired weight specs so they can be installed without having to modify an existing putter. This, along with the textured surface allows the grip to feel soft while still offering positive feedback to the player.

Golf Pride reverse Taper shapes
The three shapes of the new Golf Pride Reverse Taper grip. Golf Pride

When it comes to various grip techniques and matching up styles, there is no right or wrong answer, but each of the three designs has been optimized to encourage certain gripping styles. The Round is the most traditional grip type; the Pistol shape locks in the top hand for left-hand-low (for a right-handed player); and the Flat is designed for golfers that grip palm to palm.

Price and Availability

Golf Pride’s Reverse Taper putter grips will be available for purchase at retail and green grass locations starting April 15th, as well as being available at The price for all models will be $29.99.

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